Wes Edens is a New Name in English Soccer

Wes Edens has branched out with his sports empire. He is already a co-owner in the Milwaukee Bucks franchise and the founder of asset management firm Fortress Investment Group. He has now taken on a majority role in the English soccer club Aston Villa. He has purchased the club in a partnership with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris. The partnership, NSWE, will own 55% of the club. The deal has cost 30 million pounds ($39 million). Learn more about Wes Edens at newseniorinv.com

Historically Aston Villa has been one of the best clubs in English soccer. They are one of the oldest clubs, and in 1982 they won the Champions League. It is based in Birmingham, and it has one of the largest fan bases in England. The last few years have seen less success, and the club has dropped out of the Premier league into the lower division. The team almost made a return last year, but it failed in the final play-off game. The Premier league generates hundreds of millions of dollars for its members from broadcast rights, and teams that fall out of the division can often spend years trying to return.

Foreign investment is not new in English soccer. Many of the biggest teams have been bought out by billionaires. Those owners have spent hundreds of millions to be competitive, and they have found great success. Wes Edens knows that Aston Villa will need to invest in the type of players who can get them promotion to the Premier league. With such competition in the Premier league, Wes Edens knows that it will require a long term influx of money rather than a short term injection of capital. Wes Edens will keep former owner Tony Xia on as a member of the board and as co-chairman. Xia bought the club in 2016. Edens has a long track record of success in sports and finance, and so Aston Villa fans should be excited by the new owners.

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Ashley Lightspeed Remains A Valuable Industry Professional

Ashley Brasier is a partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners. Lightspeed Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that engages with several different types of markets such as, consumer and enterprise.

Ironically, as a child, Ashley wanted to be an architect. Did a lot of prototyping in the garage. While attending Duke and studying Copenhagen, she later discovered she liked prototyping business ideas. Starting her first career at Bain, she had worked there for several years. Looking for something more, she stumbled upon Venture Capital, it had caught her interest based on the background of the company. She went back to school and studied at Stanford GSB. While there she wanted to be involved in several industries all at once, thus entering into Lightspeed. She was a member of the consumer investing team. See Related Article at nypost.com

The team she was with was focused on their growth strategy, Ashley has looked at this project as a “craftmanship”, You go Ashley Lightspeed! lol. Still believing in the power of prototyping, Ashley Lightspeed! Quoted, “prtotyping is a key tool in the entrepreneur’s toolkit, as it enables you to fail fast and literate faster.”

A perfect way for a innovative person to view things. Before working for Venture, she had worked for a company called Thumbtack, and while in school before that, she was wanting to start her own business. After all, she found her happiness at Venture Capital. Who would have thought a child that was once making sketches in her garage as a child, will soon become one of the most important people of a company where she could use her skills that she had implemented as a child.

She once made a twitter post where she expressed how excited she was to join the Lightspeed VP Team, and how she was looking forward to working closely with her colleagues.

Looks like she is own her way to true happiness, a very inspirational person!

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Freedom Checks Could Be an Interesting Cash Grab

Following the passing of the new tax plan in 2018, many companies could benefit financially from the resultant tax breaks. The bank accounts of ordinary taxpayers will also see an increase. As a result, many Americans should look forward to receiving some extra money if they employ a simple investment plan. There are examples of individuals who have been able to pocket well over several thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands.

The payments that an individual receives will be dependent on how much they invested. However, by looking at the people who have already earned the extra dollars, Freedom Checks seem to be a promising prospect. According to Matt Badiali, an investment guru, the Freedom Checks program could go down as one of the largest cash grab opportunities in history. To take part in the program, at least 90 percent of a firm’s revenue must be from storage, transportation, processing, and natural resource production.

If a given company manages to meet the criteria mentioned above, it has to present revenue to stakeholders in the form of Freedom Checks. In this case, an individual can become a stakeholder with a small amount of money. The amount could be as little as 10 dollars. Another good thing about the Freedom Checks program is that it allows everyone to participate unlike programs like Medicare and Social Security. Furthermore, the payouts could be significantly higher than what Social Security could offer.

The investment opportunity presented here is known as the Master Limited Partnership (MLP). MLPs are business partnerships, but they are limited and traded publicly. For this reason, they get tax benefits that partnerships should have. In this case, profits would not be subject to taxation until investors receive their money. These companies would also have cash flow like public companies.

Majority of MLPs meet the criteria needed to join the Freedom Checks program. Purchasing shares in an MLP is easy, and checks are sent directly via mail or deposited into brokerage accounts. Investors also get the option to invest in additional shares. They would not have to pay taxes on their investments. Selling the shares would happen at the capital gains tax rate, which is lower than the income tax rate. More than 500 companies are considered MLPs at the moment.


Ryan Seacrest And His Rise To Stardom

Ryan Seacrest was a local DJ in Los Angeles when he was tapped to become the first host of American Idol. He was actually left to do that job alone in the second season, and he has expanded his meadia influence since that time. He is a polished presenter, and he has created many other forms of media over time that have branches out from the reality TV world that he started in. Look at what Ryan Seacrest has been able to do since he started working on American Idol.

  1. His American Idol Hosting Duties

Ryan Seacrest is the face of American Idol. People come and go, but he is the only consistent voice on the American Idol stage. He has done everything that was needed to make the show great, and he gets to know the contestants so that he can give them the kind of care that they need on and off the stage.

  1. Producing

Ryan Seacrest produces many other TV shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and he has been a part of the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve for some time. He has long been the choice of the stars when they want to have someone appear along with them, and his production company always has new reality TV shows in the works.

  1. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Ryan Seacrest started a foundation because he knew that it would be something that could always give back even after he is out of the spotlight. This is a powerful thing for him to do because it gives back to people who need it most. He knows that he can give people something that they need through this charity, and he is always raising money so that he can expand the reach of the charity.

  1. Conclusion

Ryan Seacrest started with humble beginnings in Dunwoody, Georgia long ago, and he is now one of the iconic faces of Hollywood and reality TV. He is respected throughout the industry, and he is doing his own philanthropic work because it matters that he is able to give back.

Why is OSI Food Solutions among the Top 100 Food Companies in America?

OSI Food Solutions are privately owned companies, and they are among the top 100 companies offering value-added food products. The company provides custom food products such as meat, fruits, vegetables, and other proteins. All the food products are made according to specifications and to order in order to meet the unique demands of customers. The company serves up seafood, pizzas, baked goods, cookies, poultry, beef, pork, Sandwiches, hot dogs, and many more.

The food delivered by the company has the highest safety measures, quality standards, and environmental concerns. There are many reasons as to why OSI Food Solutions is ranked top 100 among the best food companies in America. First, the company receives its supplies from the best companies in the business. The company maintains its standards when buying their food products from vendors. The company believes that in order to provide the best products, their sources should be of top quality.

Second, OSI Food Solutions uses advanced technology to produce its products unlike its competitors in the market. OSI Food is well known for their unique products and ideas. The company has financial backing and resources which enables them to make their clients happy. They can use their resources to create a new processing method and also purchase new equipment so as to meet the needs and expectations of their clients. To know more about the company click here.

Third, OSI Food Solutions is committed to excellence, and it believes in putting their clients first before everything else. The employees working in the company have been made to understand that they are part of the greater organization which makes them increase their efforts in meeting the goal of the organization. The company provides equal opportunities to its employees, and every employee is treated like a family member.

Finally, OSI Food process fully cooked meat or raw meats. They provide their customers with frozen or fresh options. Their equipment can grind and form meat into ordered designs and shapes. The company also has many packaging options which provide them with a positive image, thus making them one America’s top 100 food companies.

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Matthew Fleeger

A mover and shaker in the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger is a budding businessperson turned established entrepreneur. Embarking on his career fresh out of college, Fleeger earned a degree from Southern Methodist University before cementing his eminence in his field. In the hopes of developing a keen understanding of his trade, Fleeger pursued numerous opportunities while his career was in its infancy. From entry-level jobs to executive positions, Fleeger mounted the industry ladder with grace. The information he’d gleaned from his vast experience played a large part in helping Fleeger establish his own corporation.

In 1993, after seven years in his industry, Matthew Fleeger took the ultimate leap when he founded MedSolutions, a disposal and treatment company. In essence, Fleeger’s corporation was responsible for the management of waste that healthcare facilities neglected to dispose of. As time progressed, MedSolutions became a regional leader in the healthcare waste management industry. With that said, the company was utterly thriving under Fleeger’s sage counsel. The organization grew by such leaps and bounds that other disposal corporations were keen to acquire Fleeger’s top-tier industry. In 2007, Fleeger received a proposal that would soon change the course of his career.

Stericycle, a company responsible for the collection of waste, offered Fleeger a handsome sum in exchange for ownership of MedSolutions. After some tough negotiating, Fleeger sold MedSolutions for nearly $60 million. No doubt a savvy business move, Fleeger left the company with exceedingly deep pockets. Once Fleeger parted ways with MedSolutions, he began working for his family’s company, Gulf Coast Western. Given Fleeger’s experience as a leader, his father appointed him CEO. Though Fleeger is currently at the helm of operations, he dedicates time to investing in promising industries as well. Some other undertakings Fleeger’s known for include co-founding Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan.

OSI Group McDonalds: a lead in the food supply industry

OSI Group McDonalds is an American based company. The international headquarters of OSI is situated in Aurora, Illinois. Originally it was established by a German immigrant namely Otto Kolschowsky, who initiated it with a small family meat market. Company deals in the processing of meat and paying its services at retailers and food industries. Business was extended to wholesale meat rate in 1917. Earning local repute led to the selection of name which was Otto and Sons. With the opening of first McDonald’s in 1955 by Ray Kroc, the supply of fresh ground beef patties was done by Otto and Sons, presently known as OSI Group McDonalds. These names were changed in 1975. The company, at present, has so grown up that it offers its services over 65 facilities in 17 countries.

OSI Group McDonalds is best known for its quality and fresh meat supply. They have maintained high quality standards and some high authorities have recognized it. In 2016, the company was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. It was given on the basis of their excellent management of environmental risks. Because of its continuously growing, innovating, and evolving nature, the Group was listed amongst one of America’s top 100 food companies. The company utilizes modern technology based machinery which helps in creating products that are exceptional in nature. It processes meat in both raw and cooked form. Fresh and frozen options are also available. OSI Group McDonalds also specializes in grinding and meat shaping techniques. Packaging options are no less. Recently, they have incorporated Baho food as well.

In the perspective of finances, Forbes listed it as America’s 136th largest private company in 2011, based on annual revenues of $3 billion. Five years later, in 2016, OSI ranked 58th on the Forbes list of largest private companies, at $6.1 billion. This year, the BSC, at the International Safety Awards gave the Group an award of merit. Resources, processing plants, facilities, standard quality products along with their global connections add a lot to make OSI Group McDonalds a boss in the food supply industry.


A Comprehensive Memoir of Victoria Doramus: A Renowned Marketing Guru

Victoria Doramus is a respected role model for many young marketing executives. She is adored as a skilled brand strategist, trend forecaster, writer, editor, and a philanthropist who supports the less fortunate.

How did she grow to achieve these accolades? Ms. Doramus started her career in 2006, just after graduating with a bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado.

At that period, Victoria Doramus worked as an assistant media planner in Mindshare. She collaborated with other executives to formulate strategic advertising schemes for their Santa Monica clients.

In 2007, Victoria Doramus transferred her services to Stila Cosmetics. She served the cosmetic firm as a creative consultant in charge of making marketing copies, product development, as well as marketing. Doramus served Stila Cosmetics for one year.

In 2008, Creative Artists Agency appointed Ms. Doramus as its coordinator and vice president. She coordinated the agency’s meetings, and she helped the company to establish strong networks with potential clients, partners, and investors. She left the executive role in 2011.

In the same year, VARIOUS appointed Victoria Doramus as its research assistant. She was in charge of printing the firm’s journals, as well as writing lifestyle articles that featured in the Huffington Post.

After serving VARIOUS for two years, Victoria Doramus opted to work as an independent freelance marketing expert. She managed several projects within the media industry, and she wrote several articles for The Huffington Post. Besides freelance marketing, Victoria Doramus worked as a personal assistant for Peter Berg.

Outside her marketing career, Victoria Doramus serves as a philanthropist who volunteers her time and resources in various not-for-profit organizations operating in the UK.

She supports Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare organization that shelters dogs and cats. She also helps the Women’s Prison Association, a not-for-profit organization that supports incarcerated women, as well as those who have completed their jail term

Alex Hern and Useful Lessons

Co-founding a well-known firm called Tsunami XR is in no way, shape or form the sole thing that Alex Hern has done so far in his illustrious career. Alex Hern has been an inspiration to many ambitious individuals for a good number of years. People have been looking up to Alex Hern for at least 25 years now. People recognize him as being a man who has tenacity in droves. He also is a human being who admits that there’s more to life than doing well in work. He has a rock-solid interaction with his family that essentially verifies that. He wants to set a positive example for his young daughter. That’s the thing that compelled him to provide her with a small amount of cash a little while back. He offered her $100.000. What was his incentive, anyway? It was to aid her in the process of launching a service for dog walking. The youngster wished to aid individuals in the community who lacked the time to walk their furry pets daily. He was impressed with her business approach and made the choice to be an investor for her. He’s a proponent of assisting people who deserve it fully.

Alex Hern is similar to many other devoted entrepreneurs out there in that he adores reading books. He loves a book that’s called “The One Thing.” He reveals that the book aids individuals who wish to grasp the strength of pure concentration. He’s a fan of certain words that come from the mouths of famous people as well. Winston Churchill once discussed people who persevere in this world. Alex Hern makes a point to think about the comment any time he can Hern tries to concentrate in detail for approximately four to five hours daily. He thinks that issues can be lessons.

Ryan Seacrest: On The Job 24/7

The early 2000’s introduced us to a man that would become a household name, that man is Ryan Seacrest. He was first introduced to the world as the co-host of “American Idol”, a successful music talent show. Ryan Seacrest would go on to producing not only American Idol but other hit shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which skyrocketed the fame of the family as we know it today.

Recently, producer and tv host Ryan moved away from his longtime L.A hometown in California to the other side of the country in New York City to take over for Michael Strahan’s position as co-host with Kelly Ripa. In a recent interview question about what it was like to move to New York to work on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Seacrest commented that not much has changed in his daily routine other than having to check the weather constantly. Co-host is however not his only gig, Ryan Seacrest will do the show all week in New York and fly back to Los Angeles where he is the host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, Los Angeles number one rated morning radio show.

It doesn’t stop there, Seacrest’s resume is packed with additional ventures including “Polished”, a line of skin care products named after Dr. Lancer Seacrest’s doctor who created the product. After he is done dominating that industry, his next role is of clothing designer as he owns his own clothing brand “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” which provides customize clothing for men.

With all this going on in his life, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) still manages to give back to the community through his foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The charity provides hospitals with media centers that aid student/patients from journalism schools with the ability to learn about the world of broadcasting through on hand experience.