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What are Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)?


The concept of creating a basket of different loans has become very popular as a way to 1. increase capital and 2. manage risk. Investors can find derivatives that are custom fit to their risk tolerance. What exactly are Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)?

“Increasing Capital Availability to Businesses”

The largest multinational corporations led by men like Marc Sparks have easy access to bank loans because of their extensive history and asset base. The best blue-chip businesses are likely to have a AAA credit rating. Smaller firms with bad credit ratings also need a vehicle for raising capital. The Collateralized Loan Obligations satisfy this capital raising function.

The CLO is a debt security bundling high-risk commercial loans, including junk bonds, together into investment tranches. These tranches are divided and resold to investors who are given different classes based on their risk tolerance. These CLO derivatives continue to become more popular according to an April 18, 2014 article by Fortune.

According to Fortune, ” … $83 billion worth of CLOs were issued in 2013, up from the $3 billion issued in 2009.” In 2014, the CLO issuance continued to grow reaching $124.1 billion.

High Quality Foods To Improve Dog Life

Technology and innovation is not something that is typically associated with dog food. Although dog food makers are using new technologies and innovative thinking to improve the foods that we offer to our dogs. These foods are fresher, made with better ingredients and are more like the foods that pet owners eat.

High quality is the goal with these innovations. Beneful understands what makes a high quality food for they have been making those foods for many years now. They include grains, lean meats and dairy to the food line and treats that they make. Only the best ingredients can make the best foods, and Beneful has high quality foods that almost every dog owner can afford from Walmart.

Taste is important. Tasting the new foods that are being made is one way that freshness and quality can be assured. This is done periodically at many manufacturer’s factories. The argument is that the foods are being made from high quality meats and gravies and are just like human food.

These same manufacturers offer foods that smell and look just like human foods. Entrees like stroganoff and even lasagne are all a part of the new foods that high quality dog food makers offer. These entrees smell like real food and are made of many of the same ingredients as real human food does.

Beneful offers entrees like stew and jerky that smell delicious and appear to be something that dogs crave. These entrees have big juicy chunks of meat and have plenty of gravy and chunks of vegetables. Purinastore’s Beneful also offer delicious treats that include cheese, peanut butter, salmon and chicken.

Premium foods offer healthier choices to help dogs live longer, fuller lives. The natural ingredients also aid with digestive health so your dog will have fewer issues and a happier life.

Better health is what pet owners also want for their dogs. They are willing to pay more to make sure that their dog gets the best nutrition that they can.



The Increasing Popularity of Fabletics


No company can make plans to open up as many as 100 stores if business is not going well. The opening of 100 stores for the Fabletics brand represents an increase in the popularity of Wikipedia’s complete history of the brand. It also presents the potential revenue stream that is on the way for this company. The ground work has already been laid out. Kate Hudson has truly stepped up and did what she was supposed to. Everyone is going to be thrilled to see how the company continues to improve as more people look for fitness gear that is fashionable. That is what Kate Hudson has done, and the women that are checking out this clothing are really impressed with this.

Active wear that is modeled by Kate Hudson gets attention. There is no doubt that people are seeing this brand as something special. The patrons are getting ready to see the website in brick and mortar form as more stores come into play. There are already some cities that have the stores, but this are not enough to fulfill the demand that is currently out there. That is why more stores are being built.

Hudson is an entrepreneur that is also still in the acting business. She considers herself more of an actor and less of an entrepreneur, but right now more people are going to see her business side. This is where she is spending most of her time. This will be who Kate Hudson will become known as for the new generation. She will not be the actress from the romantic comedies. She will be the face of Fabletics.

As someone that is getting older in the industry today she is becoming a person that has managed to transition well. All aging celebrities need something to transition into when their star begins to dim. Kate is actually still in great shape right now, but she realizes that there are more young, up and coming actresses out there. There are a lot of teenagers that are getting the roles for romantic comedies today. That means that the older actresses have to put their time into something else.

Fabletics is a fitness company that is designed to meet the needs of a new generation of young athletics and fitness gear consumers. Hudson is ready to get the company off the ground by helping this organization build up the right presence in shopping centers.  So far, this appears to be something that is happening with a great level of success. That makes this Fabletics brand one to watch.

Doe Deere – A Pioneer In Makeup

About a month ago, a production crew was looking for a makeup artist. The previous artist was a decent guy but had brought the conventional ways of makeup into the set. Hardworking fellow but the director was against the boring makeup and wanted to tap into fresh ideas. They put Doe Deere, a pioneer in the makeup industry for instant operation on the case. Doe Deere, an expert in styling, looked at the requirements and offered her service without hassles. Her many makeup advice and tips were so interesting, it stood out. Some of the tips had something to do with breaking the old conventional rules, such as:

1. Wearing Bold Eye With Bold Lip

Many of the solutions for eye makeup are probably right in front of you but finding them is a matter of a little research, trial and error. It is okay to wear bold eye makeup and bold lips when the conventional way says not to, according to Doe Deere. And she is right in every way. Doe Deere likes to take her ideas and tips personally and apply them on a daily basis. Her suggestions for her customers and fans are also based on what she thinks is the right thing to do. There are plenty of colors that go well with eyes and wearing them boldly makes one stand out in the crowd. The same rule applies to lip color as well. So, Doe Deere says not to measure look by how light one can go with eye shadow. It is the mot obvious way to try something new and it always amazes so many people around her.

2. Using Too Many Colors

Some conventional makeup tips are meaningless and misleading. For example, Doe Deere says it is okay to use as many colors as one can find interesting. There is room for all type of colors when it comes to makeup and dress styles. In the entertainment industry, color is king. It has to be. Celebrities have to attract a huge audience. Being colorful adds a unique character on stage. As long as you are disciplined adding as much colors as you can will do no harm.

3. Using Too Many Patterns

Again, just like color, too many patterns will add uniqueness to one’s looks. Many people are convinced of this notion after Doe Deere showed them how to be selective of the various patterns and accessories. You don’t have to drill down into the core of magazine or fashion journals to learn about mixing patterns; whatever you have in your closet, just choose the right combination that compliment one another.

That Doe Deere’s videos and guidelines on the internet exists and are making big in the makeup industry is because of her dedication to her passion. Most of all, she took her job seriously and didn’t let things slide.

A product experience using WEN by Chaz Dean

The WEN hair product line was originally started by Chaz Dean who is a well known celebrity stylist from Hollywood. He attends to the hair of many well known celebrities and has been in the industry for many years. Chaz originally started in photography and moved to Los Angeles to pursue several commercial photography courses. This course sparked a love for cosmetology in which followed the hair scene very closely. Chaz Dean’s specialization is in both color and cutting of hair. Having been exposed to this industry for so many years, companies have sourced him out to develop product lines. He has since worked at an up market salon in Bel Air where he has since worked his way up and eventually bought the place for himself. Chaz has worked very hard and has a very impressive roster of celebrities that require his services when it come to hair and styling. The studio has since moved into Hollywood providing his many celebrity clients with a more secluded and intimate space that stayed away from the paparazzi eye.

The Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood is where the Wen collection took shape and where the majority of development has taken place. Chaz has been the go to guy when it comes to getting the hair style of you dreams. There are constantly new developments when it comes to hair.

In an article on a user gave a very intimate 7 day look at her experience with the WEN brand of products.


Doe Deere’s Fashion Forward Thoughts

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. A lot of people might think that her rise to the top was magical. Well, Doe Deere does live in a magical world that is filled with unicorns and other magical creatures. Doe Deere is the self titled unicorn queen that wants all her little unicorn followers to feel the magic that she experiences every day with their cosmetics and fashion. In order to feel magical and whimsical, follow Doe Deere’s lead. The fashion and cosmetic queen believes in breaking the rules. The truth is that cosmetics are for self expression and that applies to fashion too.

Doe Deere’s Favorite Rules to Break
What are Doe Deere’s favorite rules to break? Most people subscribe to the top fashion and beauty magazines. They read them religiously, looking for beauty experts tips on the way that they should look and apply their makeup. Doe Deere believes this is ridiculous. Fashion and beauty rules are not designed for everyone, and they certainly do not apply to her. Doe Deere believes in taking at least one rule and breaking it. For example, the rule about avoiding wearing bold colors together is ridiculous. Doe Deere really loves bold colors that vibrate with a life of their own. Certainly, this is apparent in the cosmetic line that she created and the clothes that she wears. She suggests getting started by wearing a heavy smoky eye and adding vibrant lips. She believes in being courageous and bold in makeup and fashion.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is one woman that has achieved a lot in the last few years. Her amazing success is because of her unique vision. She was born in Russia. However, her family moved to the United States and settled in New York City. The bright lights and the big city, inspired the little girl in a very whimsical way. Doe Deere always had a fascination with makeup. However, she found the traditional colors very boring. She was inspired to create her own unique line of original and whimsical colors. This led to creating Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Lime Crime is not the new kid on the block. The Lime Crime Cosmetics Company has been around since 2008, and has earned the respect of its numerous fans around the world.  Doe Deere also relates to others that she likes to test the new products personally, before releasing them to the public. If she does not like the way that the product looks or feels, it is not released to the public.