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Starting an EOS Collection? The Five Flavors to Choose First

EOS lip balm is not only effective and packaged in a modern and fun case. It is also a great tasting balm that is much more appealing than the traditional waxy flavor of other, outdated brands. The company offers a number of exciting tastes to choose from. Here are the five that every EOS fan should add to their collection.

Vanilla Mint

This pod has the amazing flavor and scent of vanilla and mint combined into one unique product. Users will enjoy a mild tingling feeling from the product with each application.

Sweet Mint

A more expected and familiar mint combination is found in this flavor. Those that choose this version prefer its concentrated mint scent and the more powerful tingling it offers.

Pink Grapefruit

This flavor is considered one of the most accurate flavors EOS lip balm offers. Fans consistently remark at how the aroma and the taste exactly match the fruit. Slightly tart and enjoyable sweet.

Strawberry Kiwi

Super sweet and fragrant. It has a refreshing island scent that matches its Aloha Hawaii name and its flavor lasts exceptionally long.

Pomegranate Raspberry

A great combination that is hard to find anywhere else. The flavor is subtle and slightly sweet. The raspberry scent is not overpowering, but strong enough to make it noticeable and enjoyable.

EOS lip balms ( use natural, organic ingredients that make them safe and effective. Every flavor keeps lips silky soft. The gentle formulas can be combined or switched out through the day and the large variety of options and colorful cases may them fun to collect. EOS lip balms can be purchased online at,,, and at retailers such as Walgreens, Target(, Walmart, Rite Aid, and others.


Vijay Eswaran’s Business Giant

One of the most important aspects of business is creativity and passion. Vijay Eswaran has shown that he has both. For one thing, he is always looking for ways to provide for people around the world that are less than fortunate. This is one of the reasons that he runs the QI Group. Vijay Eswaran’s business has expanded and grown branches such as QNET. QNET is one of the more prominent groups in that it is always offering people a chance to move to better circumstances. One of the most valuable aspects of business is that it is based on philanthropy.

With the QI Group being philanthropic in nature, there is always something that is helpful to humanity. This is one thing that Vijay prides himself in. If he is able to make like better for people, then he is fulfilled in what he is doing. With QNEt, Vijay had a vision. Vijay Eswaran’s vision was a marriage of the social abilities of QNET with the global nature of the internet. This is in fact a great combination. For one thing, the internet is able to reach people in ways that no other medium could. This is one of the reasons that many businesses start off online.

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Vijay has taken The QI Group from being a local entity of Malasia to a global enterprise on YouTube that is helping people in many different ways. It takes a lot of thought and skill in order to achieve something of that magnitude. Vijay had to know the right people and be in touch with the right connections so that he can be able to market his business to the point of success beyond his wildest dreams. Of course he is not done helping people with what he has to offer them. QI Group on will not only sell useful items, but will also make donations.

Eric Pulier Has Extensive Experience on Technological Matters

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, published author, columnist and a philanthropist. He has raised huge amounts of money to enhance operations in various companies, including US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and the Enterprise Leadership Council. Eric Pulier has also invested in charitable organizations and venture capital funds such as Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures, and eCompanies. He has actively invested in multiple start-ups in the fields of technology and media. Most of these firms have gone on to be successful. He is a member of the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp that supports children with chronic diseases.

Pulier started programming computers in fourth grade. By the time he was getting to high school, he had already established his own database computer company. Eric enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University. He served as an editor for The Harvard Crimson weekly, and was the author of PulierLeg, a weekly column on The Harvard Crimson. Pulier’s boundless career saw him get involved with the government where he was chosen to conceive and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century” event for Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. Pulier displayed the effects of the exponential technologies on people’s lives in the near future. In addition, he organized an unprecedented display of the live event from the space shuttle. This situation made him famous. Eric was featured on news stations all over America. He was appointed by Morley Winograd, the chief domestic policy advisor of the president, to the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshall School.

Eric Pulier actively contributes to philanthropic initiatives in the community, especially endeavors that focus on technology. Some of the initiatives that he has been involved with are the US Doctors for Africa, Clinton Global Initiative, and the ACE Foundation. XPRIZE foundation is one of Pulier’s most successful start-ups. The non-profit organization aims to encourage technological development that benefits mankind through organized public competitions. He designed Starbright World, Starlight Foundation’s project to support children with chronic illness. He developed this project from concept to production. Eric is the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, and The Enterprise Industrial Complex.



Beautiful Big Eyes With Simple Makeup

In this tutorial, beauty guru Wengie teaches us how to make our eyes appear larger with only a few simple makeup products. Outside of using makeup, Wengie also wears circle lenses to make her pupils appear larger. And, she applies Lilash to lids and brows daily to promote hair growth.

Begin applying makeup by filling in the brows with a soft brown powder. Next, apply the same matte color to the eyelid by blending it in with your finger. Then grab a cotton swab and apply the color more deeply to the lash line. Extending the line outward and in the lower corner of the eye.

Continue by applying the powder under the eye and apply liner to the upper and lower lid. During this step it is important to not extend the eyeliner fully across the lower and upper lids. Use a cotton swab to smudge and integrate the eyeliner. Rub the excess liner from the swab into the lower corner of the eye.

Finish the eyes up by curling the eyelashes, which will increase the appearance of eye size drastically. Last, apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Now see the difference in how much larger your eyes appear!

Complete the look by applying a light peach lip gloss tint to the lips. Smear some of this precept into the cheeks as well. The light peach color has a natural appearance and matches well with the brown tones previously used. Now enjoy a cute and natural dough-eyed look!


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The Importance of a Positive Reputation

The online reputation management industry is an industry that is continuously growing as more and more businesses as well as individuals are looking for ways to not only negate negative comments as well as reviews, but that are also looking for a backup in for any event that could cause harm to a reputation. A positive reputation has become one of the most important aspect in owning a business because a positive reputation is what enables a business to be successful and to expand to become even better in the future. Online reputation management firms are firms that believe in offering second chances to individuals and businesses and work hard to implement these changes while using SEO. of the many online reputation management firms in the world, one firm in particular stands out to all of the rest because of the creative solutions that are made for each and every client of the firm.

This online reputation management firm is called Status Labs, a firm that was created over five years ago and has since then expanded rapidly into a fasting growing business. Status Labs has helped over 1,500 clients and has earned their trust and their loyalty for future projects. Despite being a new company, Status Labs has grown on an international basis and has spread to be involved in over 35 countries all over the world. Status Labs is a successful company due to the hard work of one individual within the marketing industry. This individual is Darius Fisher, a young and knowledgeable individual who has a passion for giving individuals around the world a second chance.

Darius Fisher is a creative individual who has been successful within the marketing industry. In recent news, Darius Fisher has been recognized for his innovation and for his accomplishments when he was named the Business Development Individual of the year, an award that is only given to those that demonstrate true excellence. Darius Fisher has many plans for the future and hopes to enable his employees as well as his clients to become a part of his plans as well as his success.


Securus Technologies corrects inaccurate allegations made by GTL

Securus Technologies is a leading company that provides criminal justice in correction facilities. The Texas-based company recently released statements that corrected misleading and inaccurate statements made by GTL. From allegations made by Global Tel Link, I find GTL as a highly dishonest company. The company went ahead to release misleading information just to get ahead of its competitors. Fortunately, Securus Technologies came out clearly to address the inaccurate claims contained in GTL’s press release.


The sixth allegation made by GTL against Securus stated that Securus had established a pattern of settling and suing industry competitors. The company has set up legal claims that are favorable to them. According to GTL, these actions have halted them from defending their technology. GTL went ahead to argue that Securus Technologies bullied their business but will not prevent them from going to courts.


In all undertakings by Securus, the company has achieved reasonable licenses with other businesses. Securus has entered into license agreements with GTL on previous occasions. For whatever reason, I do not know why GTL has sought to spend millions to engage in fights over patents. The company should strive to enter into other licenses and gain new patents. As popularly known, GTL is under the table when it comes to patents. Securus has more than twice the number of patents compared to GTL. Securus Technologies has portrayed on several occasions that their services are more favorable than that of GTL.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, GTL doesn’t want to pursue its licenses and patents. Instead, the company seeks to spend money and time to destroy its competitors.