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Throw The Perfect Party With These Tips From Professional Party Planners

If you’ve ever thrown a party before, you know how easy it is to go from calm and collected to stressed out and exhausted. That’s because every party requires lots of planning, time and money. Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, it’s easy to get frazzled during the process of planning a flawless affair.


Luckily, professional party planners are here to help. These professional event planners in NYC have given us some expert tips that will turn your party into a success that your guests will be talking about for ages to come.



  1. Keep the Menu Simple


Just because you’re a great cook doesn’t mean that you have to come up with an elaborate menu. By creating some simple yet creative appetizers, your guests will be more than satisfied for the duration of your party. Try sticking to foods that your guests can eat with their hands so that they can continue to mingle while they snack.



  1. Create a Self-Serve Bar


Between mingling with your guests and making sure that there is enough food on the table at all times, you’re going to have your hands full. The last thing you need to worry about is making sure that your guests have a beverage in their hands at all times.


Create a self-serve bar area where guests can pour their own drinks. Throw in some classic mixers like cranberry juice and club soda. To add an element of class, fill some small dishes with classic cocktail garnishes like lemon wedges, cherries and olives.



  1. Create a Special Space Just for Kids


If your guests are bringing their children, create a special kid-friendly space so that they can be occupied while the adults mingle. Place a small table off to the side and load it up with coloring books, crayons and small toys so that they can be entertained for the duration of your party.



  1. Hire a Planner


If you want to play host without doing all the hard work of organizing, planning and budgeting, hire a professional event planning company in NYC to relieve you of the stress. Whether you’re having a small dinner party or an enormous engagement bash, Twenty Three Layers in New York City can handle all of your party-related needs. Besides managing the guest list, the invitations and the decor, Twenty Three Layers can provide catering, bar service and other important services for you.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Impressive Ventures

Alexei Beltyukov is a prolific Russian entrepeneur who currently works as a Chairman of the Board at New Gas Technologies. As well as being on the board of New Gas Technologies, he was also one fo the original founders.

New Gas Technologies is one company from a family of companies that works to improve natural gas-related technologies. The company is currently working on commercializing a new technology to upgrade low octane product streams.

Alexei Beltyukov has founded an impressive number of different companies as well. His experience also includes founding Endemic Campital, which is an angel investing company to help new tech startups get off the ground.

His creation of Mechanicus, a Russian auto-repair shop, shows off his flexible skills. He also founded A-Ventures, which attained an admirable 40% net annual return to its clients.

He also created INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship for his Alma Mater INSEAD to encourage candidates to contribute their valuable skills to Russia and Ukraine. Beltyukov has excelled in whatever ventures he tackles, regardless if they’re investing companies, local repair stores, or successful scholarship funds.

But his abilities don’t stop at creating companies. Alexei Beltyukov was also on the management board of the Forum Center for Analytics, which is dedicated to discussion of Russian economic policies.

He also managed a $300M portfolio at Renova Project, turning around what were initially under-performing assets and turning them into profits. Those investment portfolios included banks, insurance companies, airports, real estate developers, and a metal processing plant.

According to AdWeek, because of his impressive work Alexei Beltyukov has been featured in several online news publications. has reported on his generous donations to INSEAD via his scholarship fund. PRNewswire has several articles on Beltyukov related to him being hired on as Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, which is an online educational system dedicated to making math education more accessible to high school students and educators.

Beltyukov continued in his position and launched the SOLVY product which PRNewswire also reports on. Beltyukov has also been in Bloomberg View and TechWeek Europe.

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The Efforts of CTRMA to Provide Innovative Transportation Solutions

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, or CTRMA, is a government organization functioning independently since 2002. The goal of this agency is to improve transportation conditions in the Williamson and Travis counties. CTRMA also provides staff for individual projects by offering a team of expert professionals to conduct business with exceptional skills. The organization is sanctioned under the state law to provide transportation systems and issue revenue bonds that are used for funding projects.


In the last few years, Austin and the areas surrounding it have been experiencing transportation issues. The Williamson County Growth Summit took place in December 2016 to suggest a solution for this problem and fulfill the requirements of the resident communities. The members of the panel included personalities like Mike Heiligenstein, the Authority Executive Director of CTRMA, Joseph Kosper, who is the founder of RideScout LLC, and Jared Ficklin, who is associated with ArgoDesign. Moreover, the External Affairs Director of Uber Technologies LLC, Leandre Johns, also attended the meeting. The subject of discussion of the summit was related to the technological advancements in transportation that occurred in Austin. The discussion also included the developments made on an international level.


According to Jared Ficklin, building and land-use related codes are imperative to the transportation system because parking lots are being built everywhere, which would require the current system to be updated. The modern parking lots will have many levels to cover for a huge number of cars, and charging and service stations would be located at different places. He explained that the current codes are incapable of supporting this system, whereas Mike Heiligenstein did not express any enthusiasm regarding driverless cars and said that the process of adoption on a mainstream level would be rather slow. Heiligenstein said that the first step should be to develop the accommodation level of roads and vehicles; otherwise, any new mode of transportation would not be able to compensate for the growth rate of Austin. Leandre Johns expressed his views about the process of increasing the use of public transport by creating more subsidies.


The constantly evolving needs of the residents of Austin are met by the CTRMA via a meticulously designed transportation system. The company’s Executive Chairman Mike Heiligenstein joined this venture when it was in its growing stage. He was readily assigned with the management of its first project, named 183A, in Williamson County. Heiligenstein previously served as a public official in the Williamson County and is also part of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association as president. Moreover, he is on the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

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Copa Star, Brazil’s Best!

The vert best hospital you can go to, if need be, in Brazil, is Copa Star. Most people would be wondering why we are so sure about it, that we can post that here. Brazil is proud to have such a hospital, for it is one of the best hospitals in the world. They are located in Rio de Janeiro and serve patients from all over Brazil and the world. The world-class doctors make it one of the world’s premier hospitals. They provide the best, world-class service to patients. This include experts in the fields of radiology, cardiology, and internal medicine.

They do the unexpected. They allow patients in the Intensive Care unit stay with a loved one, if needed. Their needs are attended to promptly, and they all get a spacious private bathroom. Every need and request made is addressed immediately by trained professional staff. Visit their facebook page.

With their larger private rooms, patients can see more visitors at a time, because they are not limited by space, like some other hospitals. The patient can, if desired, control the lighting, the temperature, and communicate with the hospital staff, all at the touch of a tablet space.

READ MORE:,3c09d89c172826b658761e8e28dd45d69qhatcmk.html

Through the use of today’s high tech machines in operating rooms, surgeons and patients are assured of high-quality, knowledgeable care that is second to none. There is no guesswork as far as MRI’s or other procedures needed before or after an operation, because the machines are present in the operating rooms, and are done immediately.

The Copa Star boasts the fact that, unlike other hospitals which have a cafeteria for guests, they have a world class restaurant that is open all day long. There is no need for guests to leave the hospital in search of a well-prepared meal. The restaurant is part of the hospital.

The luxury at the Copa Star makes the hospital the first of its kind. It is a luxury hospital that takes a farther step in taking care of a patient’s needs and the needs of the patient’s loved ones and family. Friends will find the staff friendly and knowledgeable and always ready to fulfill requests. Hopefully, you will never need to stay in a hospital while in Brazil, but if you do, the Copa Star is ready to fill your needs.

Top Industry Inmate Communication Provider Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is dedicated to the highest level of customer service excellency that has caused them to receive the prestigious BBB Accreditation. They ensure that customers will have 24/7 customer service when they need it. Their IT professionals ensure that you get results to your dispute resolutions or concerns. Securus started out as a leading inmate network provider offering surveillance, monitoring, and telecommunications security. Their interactive technology solutions will guarantee that customers talk more and spend less. The rising cost of inmate calling has restricted thousands of families from staying in contact with their loved ones in a correctional facility.


How Securus Technologies Became The Leading Professionals


Securus Technologies was adamant about listening to their customers and providing services that will help them save. In fact, they offer promotional offers for their first time customers. Their services are chosen 10 to 1 over their competitors and competing companies like Global Tel-Link. They also received certification 1 that has allowed them to expand their services internationally. They believe that a combined effort will allow them to expand and improve their services. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.


Securus Technologies Available Features


Video Chat


You can talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility face-to-face. Eliminate the need to locate an authorized agent or ever having to leave home. Their video chat feature is available through Vimeo for one flat fee. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account.


Inmate Voicemail


Leave an inmate a voicemail message about important information. Their legal counsel can help prepare an inmate for a case or a loved one can give them important details concerning their loved ones.


Join the trusted Securus Technologies family today.

George Soros on America’s Declining Influence Under President Trump

Political supporter and analysis George Soros loves America and he is fond of the American people. He wants to see this country flourish and grow regardless of who is leading it. However, since President Donald J. Trump has taken office; Soros is leery of America’s ability to remain the influencer of democracy that it once was in the past.

President Donald Trump is a polarizing American leader on Forbes. Many people within the U.S. do not like his character or his personality. They see Trump as an incompetent and misunderstood individual who does not know how to communicate with people or to connect with individuals on a personal level on They also see the president as a person who lacks experience and knowledge about running a country like the U.S.

Even though this is the case, there are millions of people who agree with the president’s stance on many different issues on Biography. They also are drawn to his anti-social personality.

If they were not, President Donald Trump would not have been elected to office in November of 2016. He defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a surprise victory. Apparently, the voters cared more for Trump than they did for Clinton.

Now that Trump is in office, George Soros views his presidency as a farce. He says that so many people are unsure of Trump simply because the man does not know what he is doing. He also states that Trump is not good for keeping America’s image strong in the world.

America is the leading torch bearer for democracy on the planet. This is the number one country on Earth that is able to showcase democracy to its fullest potential to the world. Soros sees America’s role as the leader of the freed world diminishing within the next 4 years.

One reason why Soros is taking this stance has to do with America’s internal struggles. This nation is extremely divided on many issues. Domestically, America is all over the place. There is no central political or social cause or activity that is keeping all Americans on the same page. So, the U.S. is now a country divided.

This division is going to keep America tied up for a long time dealing with domestic problems. Since this will happen, America will no longer have time to focus on the rest of the world. Sure, America will still be out on the scene but their presence will be noticeably a lot quieter and more disengaged.

Soros also sees the president’s policies such as the immigration ban as a problem for America’s image. In January of 2017 President Trump enacted the immigration ban to keep Muslim people from high risk terrorist countries from coming into the U.S. This ban is temporary but many people see it as the beginning of bad things to come.

Soros believes that since Trump is successful with keeping one group of people out of the land of opportunity; how many more can he keep out. America was built on immigrates but Trump’s time in office can change this and how people view this great nation.

There are many more reasons why Soros believes that Trump is ruining the country. Ultimately, he just wants the president to make wise decisions that will not harm this nation’s image to the rest of the world.

Equities First Holdings Obtains a New Office in Melbourne

Equities First Holdings LLC located their new Australian headquarters to the heart of Melbourne. The new location is on Collins Street and the it is much more spacious than their previous office. Their new office will give them room for expansion and they hope that it is much more welcoming for their clients. They currently have other offices in Sydney and Perth. They also have stretched their company internationally to Britain, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand and their main office in The United States of America. Their current headquarters is located at 10 West Market Street in Indianapolis, IN.

Equities First Holdings provides loans to be used in the securities markets and they accept stock market shares as collateral. Because of this, they are considered to be an unusual, alternative lending institution. They mainly take on clients with very high net worth and they do not normally provide financing for retail based businesses. The company was founded in 2002 and they boast the fact that they have provided over $1.4 billion in financing. The company is heady by Al Christy Junior along with Vincent DeFilippo as their Chief Executive for their Asian offices. Their staff had increased by 50 percent since 2012 and their yearly growth has steadily been 30 percent.

EFH is one of the few financial institutions left that deal with lending in the securities industry. Many banks and other traditional lending organizations have closed their doors to clients, so EFH had swooped in on this opportunity. Their company is rapidly gaining traction within the finance industry and is one of the biggest stock based lenders in the world.

Their acceptance of stocks as collateral is very innovative and potentially carries less risk than a traditional margin based loan. Individuals that are expert traders can pul their investment out of the market instantly before things go south, allowing them to pay the loan back with minimal losses. During the duration of the loan, they maintain a fixed interest rate. If the borrower’s stock depreciates, they are still able to keep the original loan amount.

“During a typical three-year loan term, market fluctuation is inevitable, but stock-based loans provide a hedge because the borrower is lowering his or her investment risk in a downside market,” said Al Christy in a Yahoo Finance Interview earlier this year.

Both stock-based loans and margin loans have similarities. They both are able to take stock as collateral for their loans. There also happen to be very different in a few critical aspects.

Margin loans are more like traditional bank loans, and they have to be used for a very specific purpose. Unfortunately, banks may liquidate the borrower’s stock collateral without any warning or consent. The loan-to-value can also vary drastically at 10 to 50 percent.

The users of stock based loans can walk away from the deal without losing the loan amount, and the lender will keep the stock even if it has been depreciated. The interest rates are usually only three to four percent. The loan-to-value rates can be between 50 to 75 percent.

Just like any type of loan, there will always be risks involved for both lenders and borrowers. In EFH’s experience, they have found that stock based loans have had very little risk for both parties. Lenders in the past had ruined stock based loan deals by promptly dumping the borrowers’ collateral before the stock had reached maturity, and neglecting other aspects of the transaction. They have been able to have widespread success due to their ability to provide low risk investments. They have high quality legal, regulatory, and trading institutions to advise them to make their loan decisions. To minimize risk, their offices only consider those who are classified as sophisticated, expert financial investors.

In September of 2014, they acquired Meridian Equity Partners in the United Kingdom. The name of their new branch is Equities First London Limited. This was one of their most recent and major acquisitions in the company’s history and they aim to maintain and expand to more global locations. James Mungovan now deals with the client in the United Kingdom under this new division.

Equities First has a staff professionals with a deep understanding of the financial market. Their Chief Risk Officer is Simon Moore, who has over 20 years of experience in global derivative and structuring. Julie LaPoint is the Director of Operations; she oversees all accounting matters and deals with due diligence for new clients. Their Director of Trading is Joe McCarthy, who deals with their global trading and hedging strategies. Joe Thoe, who has several years in financial advisory for many large companies, is their Director of Production. They have many other high profile professionals within their ranks. You may find a full list of their staff on their official website.

2016’s Record Breaking Ohio Real Estate Market

For the first time since 2005, Ohio’s housing market exceeded expectations, achieving record gains in sales and average prices.

This occurred in spite of a nationwide sales slowdown.

Ohio home purchases were up 7.5 percent from 2015, drawing near 151,600, according to a report from the Ohio Association of Realtors. In December, the average sale price in Ohio was $159,531, an increase of close to 5 percent from late 2015 while the US median sale price for an existing home was $232,200 in December, up 4 percent from the previous year.

The National Association of Realtors noted that while nationwide sales experienced their strongest year in ten years, price growth and supply shortages were concerns.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the trade association, pointed out in a statement how establishing firm jobs along with remarkably low mortgage rates accounted for the good year.

He also noted rising mortgage rates, higher prices and a tight supply of listings made the escalation vulnerable.

In mid-January 2017, the average rate on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage was 4.09 percent and the average rate on a 15-year fixed rate loan was 3.34 percent, according to Freddie Mac.

Nela Richardson, chief economist for real estate company, Redfin commented in a statement that buyer demand is “titanic.”

According to Richardson, the major fear is there are not enough homes available to purchase.

Sharing in Ohio’s best year, is Tammy Mazzocco, who specializes in residential real estate in the central Ohio area which includes Johnstown, Pickerington, Canal Winchester and surrounding areas.

Tammy Mazzocco started her real estate career off as a secretary with commercial real estate firm, The Edwards Realty Company, and worked in condominium management. During that time she also became a licensed real estate agent in 1995 and went on to pursue real estate as a full time career in 1999.

With 19 years experience in the real estate business, prominent Ohio real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco joined the RE/Max team at Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio.

Tammy Mazzocco is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Ohio Association of Realtors and the Columbus Board of Realtors. For more info, visit her Facebook profile.