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The Solution to all Prisons- Securus Technologies

There is nothing that has the power to separate families. This is why the families are willing to go bankrupt and save their relative from going behind bars. They explained that they did this because of fear of losing them. They were afraid of the bullying and killings that happen in jail and go unpunished. The other thing that they were afraid of is not having a chance to talk with the inmates anymore. This has changed with the involvement of Securus Technologies. The company has helped fill all the voids.

Securus Technologies is a high tech provision company. No other firm has been able to compete with their products. The level of creativity and innovation is unbeatable. The firm serves more than a million inmates, 2600 correctional facilities, and more than 3400 premium businesses. The high number of customers is due to the reliability of their products. No hacker has been able to crack any of their devices. Their gadgets can only be cracked by the provider.

One of the devices that the administration and the inmates have appreciated is the installation of tools that link the management and the inmates. This has helped get rid of untrustworthy officers. Some officers might have been paid off by outsiders to harm the inmates.

Inmates who have been in jail for long has termed the devices as useful. They are happy with the reduced bullying and safe environment. The administration says that it is now easy for the convicts to reform. Jails are no longer bleeding sites for tough individuals. It is now a place where people accept their mistakes, heal and humbly serve their sentences. We can finally see great personalities from jail.

The families are now happy and comfortable with their relatives serving their sentences. They consider Securus Technologies the solution the correctional services needed.


Tony Petrello- Best CEO in the United States

Tony Petrello is one of the most successful business executives of our times. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a drilling company based in Texas. This is the largest drilling firm in the world. The company deals with oil explorations as well as drilling. They also provided natural gas drilling services. Nabors Industries is the best provider of drilling services that we have in the world currently. The company also has the best drilling rigs. As the CEO of the company, Anthony Petrello has played a key role in its development. He has been a key pillar in the management of the company for the last two decades.

Anthony Petrello has a very interesting story. Before he became the CEO of the drilling firm, he has been into other professions. That is not even enough. His childhood life was interesting. He was born in a small town known as Newark in New Jersey. This is a town that is occupied mainly by the working class. These are people who believe that they should make wealth genuinely through their own determination and not through any other means. The people of Newark are known for being hardworking and people who are highly ethical. Growing up, Tony Petrello had the chance of learning the work ethics that he should observe. This has been proven since as of today, he one of best Chief Executive Officer in the country who has earned everything he owns genuinely. He is not like some Wall Street billionaires who have made their wealth through crooked means.

Anthony Petrello is a brilliant business manager. This is a character that behaves been manifested all his life. From his childhood, he demonstrated abilities that were unique from those of his fellow students. First of all, in his childhood, he was able to solve complex mathematics that not many people could even attempt. He proved to be a mathematics genius. He was granted a scholarship by the Yale University to study mathematics at the institution. He was also to benefit from mentorship by one of the professors of mathematics at the institution known as Serge Lang.

At Yale University, Anthony Petrello had the advantage of working alongside Serge Lang with whom they proved various mathematics theories. Anthony Petrello was unique. He was the best in his mathematics class. He left the university after acquiring a masters degree in mathematics. Later he went to the Harvard school of law where he studies a law degree.

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Jason Hope supports anti-aging technology by SENS Foundation

Technological innovations in the world we are living in are becoming a norm. There are so many changes that are occurring that people have to keep adapting to new changes that are happening. Technological innovations have been coming along with improvements that change many things as we know them. For people who are slow to adapt to new technology, recent times have not been very good to them. Going into the future, the innovations that will be seen are expected to also go up. People will be required to move with speed to adopt new technology as it comes out. For business people, the plea is even more important. Any business that fails to comply with the technological demands is likely to be faced with the problem of having to close down or suffer a decline in operations. Technology is a crucial aspect of modern life that cannot be ignored by anyone, resume him.

There are people who always strive to be ahead or up to date with technological innovations that are likely to happen, Jason hope is one of them. He is a technology commentator who writes about technological innovations that we see in our lives today. He is very passionate about technology and tries to make predictions on the direction technology is likely to take. Known to may as a futurist, Jason Hope has made so many contributions towards technology advancement. Also known to many as an investor who looks at the technological trends taking place and the draws the impact they would have on the economy. As a holder of masters in of business administration from the Arizona State University, W.P Carey School of Business, Jason Hope is very knowledgeable on matters of technology and its effects on the economics of a society. He is also a motivational speaker. He goes around schools in Scottsdale talking to students about various issues that will encourage them to engage in innovations, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason together with a foundation known as SENS foundation has come up with a way of helping people deal with aging. Jason supports the initiative which has been supported by this foundation. They intended to help people live quality lives. Jason Hope supported this foundation to build a laboratory that will be used to develop the anti-aging technology. According to Jason Hope, the reason he is supporting this foundation is that they are developing anti-aging technology that prevents diseases that normally come with aging. The anti-aging technology will prevent diseases such as Alzheimer, and

Beneful: Oh so good

If you own a furry four-legged best friend named Spot and you don’t live under a rock, chances are good that you have heard of Beneful dog food. Since it was created in 2001, there have been numerous commercials, radio advertisements, and billboards across the country and around the world promoting the delectable brand. Advertisements have even went as far as Garmany and Austria. Okay, so you think you may know the basic gist. It’s a healthier option as far as food goes and dogs love it right? That’s a winner for dogs and owners everywhere. Do you know the history though? The actual definition of Beneful means “full of goodness“! Thats right. From the core to the taste and right down to the actual name, the creators knew it would be exactly that: full of goodness! That’s good for everyone.(Plus the price it goes for in stores is not too bad either). Have your pup enjoy a healthy bowl of Beneful goodness today!

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Sahm Adrangi achievements in finance sector

At the age of 32, Sahm Adrangi has all the qualities of a veteran: Sharp suits, check, hundreds of millions of dollars in capital contributions, Love for advertising, and double control. Adrangi has accumulated “a few million dollars” in 2011, which prevents Chinese listed companies from falling and the fund now manages 250 million US dollars in assets. This is not a monstrous figure, but the age of Adrangi is quite impressive. The special features of Adrangi can be your presence on Twitter. His company, Kerrisdale Capital, has often tweaked his positions, which are now being repeated by the leading hedge fund executives. In talks with CNBC and Bloomberg and has appeared in major publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Business Week and many other publications.

Adrangi is inquisitive. His tactic is more prudent. Mr. Adrangi began his financial profession in the lending sector, loan debt and high yield Leveraged Deutsche Bank, in addition to the creditors’ committees in insolvency and court restructuring consulting Chanin Capital Partners. He is a holder of a degree in economics from Yale University. The age of Adrangi is quite impressive. The special features of Adrangi can be your presence on Twitter. His company, Kerrisdale Capital, has often tweaked his positions, which are now being repeated by the leading hedge fund executives. The special features of Adrangi can be your presence on Twitter. His company, Kerrisdale Capital, has often tweaked his positions, which are now being repeated by the leading hedge fund executives.While Kerrisdale shares ideas on a wide assortment of organizations and enterprises, as of late Mr. Adrangi has concentrated the company’s endeavors on a few particular divisions where Kerrisdale has created mastery. The biotechnology part has been one range of center, and Kerrisdale has distributed research on advancement arrange organizations including Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences and various others.

Mr. Adrangi has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Investment Conference of the Son Investment Conference, Distressed Debt, Investor Conference Attorneys, and Marketers. 4. In talks with CNBC and Bloomberg and has appeared in major publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Business Week and many other publications.

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How Tony Petrello Has Served As A Philanthropist for Children’s Neurological Disorders Research

Tony Petrello is a business leader and philanthropist who lives in Houston, Texas. His recent contributions to philanthropy include $5 million that he donated to a research initiative. He also pledged to provide it with another $2 million at a later date. Additionally, he has led fundraising efforts for charity and its ongoing mission.

Tony Petrello is a father who has watched his young daughter struggle with regular activities such as eating breakfast. She is now eight years old and cannot do many activities that people of that age can. This is because she has a neurological disorder due to the events of her birth. She was born when she was at just 24 weeks. Weighing only 20 ounces, she was very premature. Her physicians diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia which is a condition that results in insufficient blood flow. The result of this condition is inadequate oxygen in the blood which cuts off oxygen to the body, especially affecting the brain. His daughter, Carena, developed cerebral palsy due to this and have experienced severe developmental delays as a result.

Tony, along with his wife Cynthia, are seeking to do their part in developing treatments for this condition and other neurological disorders suffered by children. They financially support Texas Children’s Hospital which is home to one of the world’s premier research teams into these disorders. The goal is to provide these children with a shot at a better life. The Petrello’s also donated $50 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute which opened in 2010. It is also located at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello got his professional start as a lawyer at a white shoe law firm in New York City. In 1991 he left the legal industry behind and instead moved into oil and gas. He moved to Houston where he became a top executive at Nabors Industries, the largest land-based oil rig operation in the world. He became the company’s chief executive officer in 2011 and is now also the chairman of the board. For years before he had been the president of the company and held other top-level positions.

In his role as the top executive at Nabor Industries, Tony Petrello has led the company through the recent difficulties experienced in the industry due to the lower value of a barrel of oil in recent years. His job is to provide direction to the company including strategic planning.

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Jeremy Goldstein – Expert Legal Advice for Corporations

Stock options carry lots of risks for both the company and its employees. The danger of the fall in stock prices; the unwillingness of employees to put their faith in stock options because of the seemingly fragile nature of the economy; and the financial burden in terms of cost these options can bring. These are some of the disadvantages of stock options.


Even though stock options also have their own advantages, (like the likelihood of staff prioritizing company’s success and the simplicity of understanding stock options) the disadvantages seem to outweigh the benefits to some companies.


However, there’s a solution for corporations. They can seek legal advice concerning employee benefits from the distinguished lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein. One of the best advice is to embrace “knockout,” a type of option with a specific barrier. It works easy; it has the same value, and requirements like other stock options but different in that employees can lose it due to a continuous fall in share price for a week below a minimum price agreed upon.


To understand this method better, it is better to seek legal advice from someone like Jeremy Goldstein with more than 15 years working as a business lawyer. He’s a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, one of the most prominent advocacy duos in the region.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in numerous high profile projects and transactions; one notable large transaction is United Technologies acquiring Goodrich, in which Jeremy had a key participation in making sure that the transaction would occur and everything would be in order.


Jeremy’s boutique law firm with his associates have specialized in providing feedback and advice for what is called “compensation committees,” and they have overseen hundreds of transactions throughout Jeremy’s career. Because of how stock options can be dangerous, Jeremy Goldstein became, very soon, a solution for many companies and CEO’s.


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