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Robert Ivy of AIA Joins The List Of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

The 2018 Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award has been conferred to Robert Ivy, the head cheerleader of the American Institute of Architects. Presented by the Institute of Arts and Letters, Mississippi, this is the first time the Polk Award is being conferred to an architect. The award usually honors extraordinary artists in addition to art patrons whose works go beyond lifetime creating, performing or supporting arts. Past honorees of the award include the famous actor Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson and writer Eudora Welty.

Background data

When highlighting major contributors to the development of architecture as a career, nobody beats Robert Ivy. He has made the career more accessible to masses. As a writer as well as an author and commentator on matters of architecture worldwide, Robert Ivy has created a name for himself on the walls of the industry, and now he has the right to claim this position through the acclaimed award.

Leadership Roles

From 2011 when he was appointed as the chief executive officer, Ivy dedicated his time and effort to working with business associates in implementing constructive community projects that will improve people’s lives. Being a native of Mississippi, he has used his tenure to better the community in many ways including improving the healthcare system through encouraging community development.

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Receiving the Award

While receiving the award on behalf of AIA, Robert Ivy said that it was a positive reflection of his contribution to professionalism; not only on a personal but also public health. As the ambassador of this profession, Ivy advocates for the better treatment of architects and the provision of resources.

Work Experience

Robert Ivy was initially the chief editor of McGraw Hill. Under his guidance, the Architectural Record was labeled one of the prominent and most disseminated architectural journals worldwide. More than that, it garnered many awards encompassing the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Moreover, Ivy was the head cheerleader of McGraw Hill’s design as well as construction. He led the company throughout its explosive development in China’s economy. At that moment, the company introduced a prominent version of the Architectural Record.

The Overview on Achievement

Moreover, his authoritative architectural biography called Fay Jones which was documented in 2001 is now in the third edition. In this book, Ivy’s architectural expertise is exuded as a devotee who worked under the supervision of one Frank Lloyd Wright. Currently, Fay Jones is one of the highest standards of scholarships.

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Meet Wes Edens: In addition to being the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, his is also chairman of Nationstar Mortgage, Springleaf Financial Services, and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks pro basketball team.

Having started his career at Lehman Brothers in the areas of finance in 1987, Wes Edens worked his way up the executive ladder to the position of partner and managing director until 1993. Wes Edens moved on his impressive role at Lehman Brothers to another widely known finance company, BlackRock Financial Management. Edens was eventually promoted to the position of managing director and partner at BlackRock Financial Management.Wes Edens was the impetus behind starting the finance company, Fortress Investments Group. Wes Edens, Mike Novogratz, Peter Birger, Robert Kaufmann, and Randal Nardone were all stakeholders in Fortress’ creation. Wes Edens is currently part of a seven-member board at Fortress Investment Group.In lieu of being the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens also runs Fortress’ private equity business.

Edens was the driving force behind the acquisition of subprime lender, Springleaf Financial Services. By purchasing Springleaf Financial Services, Fortress Investment Group took over control as Springleaf’s majority stakeholder. Edens became the chairman of Springleaf Financial Services after the purchase was completely finished. In addition to Springleaf, Mr. Edens is the chairman of Nationstar Mortgage, which is a subprime home equity mortgage lender. Nationstar Mortgage was acquired by Fortress for $575 million in 2006.In regards to Wes Edens’ investment style, the Wall Street Journal noted that Wes Edens is creative in his financing, and in his contrarian betting. Wes Edens is also known for being able to build new businesses from his investments.Wes Edens take-home pay was reported to be $54.4 million, in 2016. Bizjournals had reported that the figure (Edens total annual compensation) at Fortress Investment Group was $13.4 million — $41 million of that was received as Fortress Group dividends.

In addition to Edens’ co-founding of Fortress Investment Group, Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team. Marc Lasry — a fellow finance guy — and Wes Edens bought the Milwaukee Bucks from Herb Kohl in 2014 for $500 million.In terms of Wes Edens’ educational background, Mr. Edens earned his bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration and Finance from Oregon State University in 1984.Wes Edens’ approximate worth was $2.5 Billion dollars in 2007, according to Forbes. Wes Edens had a number 369 ranking on the Forbes Richest List, at age 52. Edens’ net worth has lessened substantially since reaching the $2 billion dollar mark, more than a decade ago.

David McDonald Brings Genius To His Work At OSI Group

Since global food processing giant the OSI Group hired David McDonald 30 years ago as a project manager, he has consistently made so many important, invaluable contributions to the company McDonald was regularly promoted until he was named president and COO of the company. To the people who knew David McDonald while he was a student at Iowa State University working on his bachelor’s degree in animal science, his success does not come as a surprise. Long known for his natural intelligence, unbridled interest in agriculture and biology and excellent work ethic, McDonald was voted the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior.

David McDonald has continued to excel at the OSI Group. His ability to quickly and effectively resolve the infrastructure and technical issues the company has faced is legendary. McDonald’s unmatched skill at helping the company navigate government regulations, partner with local suppliers and create food choices specifically designed to suit the cultural tastes of each new section of their customer base has made him a star. It has also helped the OSI Group experience exponential growth. McDonald has helped the company get choice locations for their facilities and all the raw materials and workers they need they need to build them.

The role that David McDonald has played in the OSI Group’s development of lucrative partnerships and the adding of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe to the company’s list of acquisitions, has been nothing short of genius. McDonald says it’s the customers that inspire the OSI Group to be more innovative in creating the products and services necessary to meet their needs. The creativity of the company’s food development is in response to the challenge of cost-effectively producing particular menu segments to meet the culturally driven specific preferences of their customers. Efforts to meet those needs are some of the OSI Group’s best learning tools.

Even as David McDonald encourages the staff of OSI Group to remain flexible and innovative, he also demands highest quality in all their processes and products. For David McDonald and the OSI Group, cost-effective, creative food development must be combined with the optimal in worker, food and environmental safety practices. McDonald constantly challenges the staff to improve both the quality of their products and the effectiveness of their efforts by evaluating their mistakes and using them as teaching tools. These actions reflect some of the genius that David McDonald brings to his work.

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Fortress Investment Group Success

Peter Briger is a great leader and has a good personality that has placed him in a good position in the society. He is educated man, intelligent and has management skills. He was a student at Princeton University where he received his B.A. He also studied at Pennsylvania university, faculty of business where he got an M.B.A. He is the leader of the company by the name Fortress Investment Group, where he works as the Co-Chairman.

Peter Briger is also the head of the department of credit and the Real Estate Business of Fortress Investment Group. Since the year 2006, he has been the acting director making the company very successful. Apart from these roles, Peter Briger is a representative of Spearhead board that deals with the advisory matters of the company. His advisory skills are well recognized and have given him the privilege of acting as part of the advisory board of various organisations. He advises a hospital that deals with special surgery. As an advisor, he also plays a role as representative at the Linktone Ltd advisory board.

Fortress Investment Group is a company that is well developed. The company headquarters is in New York. Globally, it is leading to investment manager. The company was founded in the year 1998. It mainly deals with managing assets in place of other institutional clients and also the private investors over the whole world. The estimated number of the institutional clients is 1750.

Fortress Investment Group main aim is to satisfy their investors which will create a long-term relationship. The company does this by generating very effective risk-adjusted earnings for their investors. The company has many employees that deals with asset management. In the year 2017, the approximate number of employees was 953. However, the number of those employees was inclusive of the investment professionals that we approximately 216.

Peter Briger is proud alumni of Princeton University. According to him, this is an institution that made his dream of attaining first class a reality. He is among the people who support Princeton entrepreneurship. He has done this by inaugurating initial funding program for helping fresh alumni of the university to start up their own companies. According to him, the program of funding this project will be of great importance to the University. He says that it will create actual ties with the people who will become successive entrepreneurs. This will make them tend to help the others as well.

Employees who work with Fortress Investment Group said that the company is the best institutional to work. There are many testimonies from employees showing that the company is a good place to work. They say that however short time one can work with the company, you enjoy. Even after leaving the company, they keep communicating with their former directors, managers and Chief Executive Officers. People who go for the internship in the company learn a lot of skills. They are given a lot of responsibilities that help them even after their internship. The company challenges its employees to work smart. It also recognizes employees hard-work as well as their dedication.

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Fortress Investment Group

For Fortress Investment Group, social media has been a big part of their business plan. The company does what they can to connect with all their clients and that allows them to provide a high level of customer service. Since they know how to connect with customers, they have made valuable connections other companies are unable to make. Fortress Investment Group takes their time to create meaningful content, make a valuable connection with their customers, provide them excellent customer service and keep them coming back with incentives and other programs that will allow the customers to get something from the company.

The meaningful content on Fortress Investment Group’s social media accounts is a big part of their business. They know they need to show customers they are a great company and they have what it takes to show them what they are doing the right way. They also know how important it is to make their business relevant in the industry. If they can continue creating relevant content, they will continue to see major success in the industry. Their success is a direct result of the hard work they have put into running all their social media accounts.

A connection is one of the most important things in investments. Fortress Investment Group knows this and knows they have to connect with their customers on every level. They try to always show them they are going to be the same company for years to come and that’s how they can make valuable connection. Fortress also has an innate talent for learning about a customer’s needs and providing them with a solution. They pride themselves on their ability to find out what type of problems their customers are having and correcting them through the company methods they have put into place.

By providing a high level of customer service, Fortress Investment Group is showing customers the dedication they have to them. Not only does Fortress know how to treat their customers right but they also know how to give them all the best options for their investments. They have big plans for most of their customers. The things they do with customer service give them a chance to show off these plans. It also allows them the chance to help customers thrive in their own investments. By creating a thriving environment for all the customers, Fortress is giving them just what they need.

To keep customers coming back, Fortress Investment Group offers incentives and other programs. These incentives range from bonuses on positive investments to referral rewards. Customers love incentives and will continue to work with a company just so they can take advantage of incentives. Fortress knows this and tries to always make sure people are seeing the right way to do investments. They want their customers to understand the right type of investment and will continue providing them incentives for making all the right moves with the money they have chosen to invest through the Fortress Investment Group’s investing programs.

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The Mighty Fortress Church Provides Invitation to Fellowship

The Mighty Fortress Church is an environment where more people are getting connected with the teachings of God as this ministry reaches out. Easter is certainly a time where there is a celebration with more people reaching out 2 to church members.

At the Mighty Fortress Church there is a huge Easter celebration where the congregation comes together to perform in different ways as they celebrate and tell about the crucifixion of Christ. Visit to know more.

The Mighty Fortress Church is giving members and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the children’s ministry as they perform along with The Bishop’s choir. These performances will highlight the great amount of pain that Jesus went through with the crucifixion, but it also celebrates the resurrection of Christ as well.

This is a very important time for ministries like the Mighty Fortress Church because this is when many people may become curious about getting saved if they know nothing about the resurrection. Many family members will invite their closest friends to come out and celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

People that get the opportunity to hear about this risen savior are often amazed by all of the work that the Mighty Fortress Church puts into depicting the resurrection of Christ.

The Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis invites people that live in this area to enjoy refreshments in a environment where they get to fellowship with other church members. Refreshments are provided before and after church, and kids also get the chance to enjoy an Easter egg hunt.


This is definitely a time where more people become aware of what they can do to help their children learn more about Christ as well. There are games to be played and special prizes to be won. All of these things play a significant part in the Christian walk.

Fellowshipping with others that are already part of the Mighty Fortress Church can be a good thing for those that are totally oblivious to the teachings of Christ. Most people never get into reading the bible in depth on their own without knowing about the resurrection first. This is the gateway to becoming more knowledgeable about God. This is why the Easter celebration at the Mighty Fortress Church as such a big deal. It is a great chance to highlight exactly what it means to build a better relationship with God as you seek answers about the resurrection and the celebration of Easter. Watch this video on Youtube.

Talkspace Accessible and Affordable Online Therapy for Everyone

Even the government has extended mental health services; far few people come forward to seek help. Many people continue to suffer alone and do not speak to their family members or friends about their problems. When a person is not well, it can be difficult for him or her to seek help because the symptoms develop very slowly. Most people have difficulty in recognizing the symptoms of mental health issues. Many do not want to speak about their personal problems with a stranger face-to-face and end up not seeking any help. The feeling of depression and unworthiness can start small but lead to serious physical health problems if one is not provided with the right counseling.

Since many people find it difficult to find support for mental health issues around them, they opt for online therapy. Talkspace is an online therapy app that offers counseling and therapy via text messaging. The company has the best licensed and professional therapists who are available to their patients during all hours of day and night. Online therapy through Talkspace is affordable and convenient for most people. One can attend the sessions at their free time without having to schedule an appointment well in advance. Talkspace is also an educational tool that allows people to understand their symptoms and learn more about their health problems so that proper strategies can be used for better mental health.

Sometimes, people with some physical limitations are unable to attend the ordinary therapy sessions as they cannot leave home without help. For them, Talkspace is a useful alternative that allows them to speak to professional therapists about their problems. Talkspace aims to make online therapy more affordable for its patients by providing them with therapy sessions at far less cost. Many health insurance companies today are also covering e-therapy, so it is best to speak to your insurance company to know if you are covered.

The Wonderful Benefits of Heal N Soothe Joint Support

Joint-pain can strike at almost any age, especially once you reach your 40s. Joints are very complex structures, but they’re very susceptible to injury. The knee and the shoulder are two of the most common joints that are overused throughout our lifetime. Wear and tear can also lead to joint-pain, especially if you’re using repetitive movements like lifting weights. One of the top treatments for joint-pain is Heal N Soothe. This advanced-herbal supplement is jam-packed with healthy herbal ingredients. These ingredients are tried-and-true to the highest degree. In total, Heal N Soothe has 12 of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents that soothes joint-pain. Some of the ingredients just so happens to be:

  • Vitamin E
  • Papain
  • Rutin
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids
  • Ginger Extract
  • Boswellia Extract
  • Bromelain
  • Devil’s Claw
  • And more

By neutralizing harmful bio-chemicals in the body, your joints will begin to repair and to regenerate itself. Just remember, the human body will naturally heal itself from injuries or illnesses without the need for medical support, but the process will move at a more slower rate. Heal N Soothe’s advanced formula floods your organs and your system with powerful enzymes, which are designed to effectively alleviate inflammation that’s within the body. One of the best attributes of this herbal supplement is that it won’t give you nasty side effects.

“How do I take this supplement?” Just like most other supplements and medicines, Heal N Soothe can be taken on an empty stomach. On the other hand, users can split-up the dosages by taken one capsule for three times a day. That’s it! The benefits of Heal N Soothe is phenomenal because it’ll reduce pain as well as give you more range of motion.

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