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Academy of Art Bolster Inclusiveness with Fashion

Academy of Art in San Francisco, founded in 1929 as an Academy for Advertising Art by Richard Stephens, has been participating in the New York Fashion Week for 13 years as of 2018. The school never fails to participate, and this year is absolutely no exception.

However, this year, students have been given a unique and meaningful challenge; inclusion. Specifically, inclusion of those with disabilities.

The panel for this year also represents this years Fashion Week message, with three of its members having a disability themselves. They are challenging and encouraging students to think of ways to design clothes that could not only be worn by those with disabilities, but also make them more comfortable in their day to day lives.

What many people take for granted is their ability to simply get dressed, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. To easily layer up and layer down. Things that those who are wheelchair bound or extremely sensitive to certain materials typically find difficult.

Students are being asked to design something that not only makes these people-for they are, indeed, PEOPLE-looked good, but also feel good.

Academy of Art is the largest privately owned post graduate school, with thousands of students being accepted every year. Their rigorous courses may be daunting to many, but those who do graduate from this school never fail to prove themselves to be talented artists, animators, and, of course, fashion designers. These students enter the Academy of Art with a passion for various forms of beauty, and they leave the school with more skills than they had before to further bring their versions of beauty into the world. This year, the Academy of Art’s fashion design students are bringing an incredibly important and meaningful kind of beauty back out in to the world; inclusion of our disabled brothers and sisters.

Neurocore: Learning how to restructure the Brain

Neurocore- Providing Therapy For The Brain.

Mental Health has always been an important issue. New sciences and technologies have always been front page news, why? Because health is the biggest problem that we face as a society. So any news of something new that could possibly help with any disease or illness is groundbreaking. Read more about Neurocore at


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers focus on re-training the brain to help side-effects and illnesses like the following.






The list goes on and on truthfully, and this plays to the importance of what it is that they do at Neurocore. They believe that the brain is behind every emotion and physical feeling that we have. We should be able to re-train the brain to address and react to situations differently than before. The brains flexible Neuroplasticity allows for this to be possible. They offer training programs and brain studies, in hopes of it being a successful recipes-which it has shown to be.



Their training programs are simple by nature and consist of practice, repetition, and positivity. They believe that fusing these 3 together can have a strong impact and re-train the program when delivered at the right time.

Neurocore’s passion for what they do is almost impossible to ignore. Their desire to spend countless hours going over and over the study data, in hopes of being able to perform the same study better-can only be described as admirable. Neurocore is a place where you will be greeted by seasoned professionals that care, and that’s what matters. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

How Successful is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle is a famous American based businessman. He is the president of Opskins. The company happens to be the world’s largest online movie seller and has been known for being on the frontline in a mission towards promoting digital businesses. Malcolm CasSelle also serves as the founder and the president of World Wide Asset Exchange(WAX), and they have been able to work with passion and great motivation towards ensuring that they achieve in their dreams.

Malcolm Cassell is also the former president of New Ventures which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Before Tronc, he used to be the Vice president of SeaChange International, a company that managed to acquire the famous Timeline labs and that is where he served as the company CEO. Before that, CasSelle was known for leading startups in the industry, and some of them include Groupon’s joint Venture, Xfire and also Media pass. He has been on the frontline pursuing greatness in life and has worked tremendously towards career achievements. He has also invested in Facebook and Zynga during their earlier days and has always committed his time and passion towards success.

Malcolm CasSelle has a unique educational background. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and have dedicated his time and also passion towards career growth. He graduated with a degree in computer science and later proceeded to Stanford University for a masters in computer science. Through his committed efforts, he has been able to suite his impressive education background with the best experience of his career and has been very optimistic about making a change in life. He has had a great passion in his career and happens to have made numerous changes that have been of great advantage towards his life.

Malcolm CasSelle also co-founded the CTO of NetNoir which is among the first media production websites that are focused on Afrocentric Culture. He has also served as the Pacific Century CEO. The company is a public traded company. He has invested a lot and has been known for his confidence towards managing companies. His eloquence also speaks a lot for himself and has been very passionate about making relevant changes.


Review Of The Service News Watch TV Can Provide To Its Clients

Recently, Weekly Opinion reviewed the validity of News Watch TV and looked in depth at it’s business model and popularity level. They discovered that this highly popular news broadcasting station is not only popular with viewers, but celebrities as well. They bring their show into the homes of 95 million people which makes them a lucrative publicity portal for celebrities to get their name out there and keep their name in millions of homes around the country.

Back in 1990 when News Watch TV first aired, they didn’t have the opportunity to utilize social media like they do now. As Weekly Opinion reported, today, News Watch TV’s social media presence is perhaps just as popular as their television show. This just goes to show that the broadcasting has established it’s presence in American households over the past 25 years, all while continuing to keep current with the times and joining the social media movement to garner even greater success.

One thing the Weekly Opinion review mentioned was that News Watch TV provides it’s customers with a tiered system for purchasing air space for a segment. Even though clients can purchase a smaller more targeted audience for their segments, as Weekly Opinion reported, due to the popularity of News Watch TV combined with the great services they offer, the lowest rung on the tier still is often times too expensive for small businesses.

In a world that is ever changing and perhaps changing at much faster speeds than before, News Watch TV has established that they can handle the change. They ensure the attention to detail is there and provides their clients with the best production possible. When a client selects them for a segment piece, all of the production of that piece is done in house by a team with over 75 combined years of production experience. Clients who choose to work with News Watch TV know they will get the best in production, coupled with a history of success, and finalized with a desire to take care of the customer and that leads to a high quality television piece that will reach millions of people.