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Marc Beer – article recap

Renovia Inc through its CEO Marc Beer has been able to raise 42 million dollars that will help the startup develop new products for pelvic floor disorders. Renovia Inc is a medical technology company that was co-founded by Marc Beer and is based in Boston. Marc Beer Co-founded Renovia with the primary objective of developing diagnostic and therapeutic products that will help combat pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor disorder is a condition that affects millions of women across the world. According to research, It is estimated that pelvic floor disorder affects more than 250 million women globally. Urinary incontinence is the conventional type of Pelvic Floor Disorder. Renovia line of products includes the Leva Product that got FDA approval in April 2018.

A couple of companies that have interests in the healthcare sector in the US came together to raise funds that will see Renovia develop four more other therapeutic and diagnostic products that will go a long way in helping treat patients with pelvic floor disorders around the world. The healthcare venture capital firms that came together to support Renovia are the Longwood fund, Perceptive Advisors of New York and Ascension Ventures of Missouri. Renovia targets to develop a new generation of the Leva Product.

Marc Beer Renovia founder and Chief Executive Officer in a statement said that Renovia is delighted to have received the support of the three leading firms in the healthcare industry. The firms share the same vision with Renovia of bettering the lives of women globally through the provision of treatment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer believes that the partnership will lead to more innovation and advancement in technologies giving customers valuable information on new treatment options, provide them with knowledge and greater understanding of the disorder and will eventually lower the healthcare costs.

Marc Beer has decades of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and devices development and commercialization. Marc in August of 2016 together with Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lories co-founded Renovia. At Renovia Marc Beer serves as the Chairman and CEO. Marc is a serial entrepreneur, and before starting Renovia, he in 2000 founded ViaCell (NASDAQ: VIAC). ViaCell is a biotech firm. Marc worked at ViaCell for seven years, and under his leadership, the company that had humble beginnings grew to a robust commercial organization with over 300 employees. In the year 2005 ViaCell went public, and in 2007 Marc sold it to PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI).

Marc Beer is an alumnus of Miami University (Oxford, OH). Marc has served in various organizations in different capacities. Some of the positions Marc has held include serving as a board member of Erytech Pharma, Vice President of global marketing at Genzyme and Sales and marketing at Abbott Laboratories among others. Learn more :


Dick DeVos And The Importance Of Grand Rapids

The world of American politics is on fire right now with the partisan divide wider than ever. The election of Donald Trump showcased one thing quite clearly, however: American citizens were ready to see change in the world. For that reason, nobody was shocked when Betsy DeVos was tabbed for the role of Secretary of Education for the Trump administration. While Betsy DeVos is currently the one bringing in all of the headlines, she is far from the only mover and shaker in the DeVos family. Back home in the state of Michigan, husband Dick DeVos continues to render huge changes in favor of the people of the state.


While Betsy DeVos is now the more high profile of the DeVos power couple, Dick DeVos has done plenty to make a name for himself already. As the former CEO of Amway and the heir to the Amway family fortune, Dick DeVos is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Instead of sitting on his wealth and relaxing, Dick DeVos has spent decades working to render big changes throughout the state of Michigan. In fact, you could go back to 1991 in order to get a reference for just how big of a change he has helped to bring to the state.


The city of Grand Rapids has changed in a big way, for the better, since 1991 but it all wouldn’t have been possible without some intervention by Dick DeVos himself. In 1991 there had been rumors floating around about a new convention center being installed into the city. Convention centers are notorious for giving and then taking right back from taxpayers. You’d only have to look at the Pontiac Silverdome (former Detroit Lions stadium) and the Palace of Auburn Hills (former Detroit Pistons arena) in order to see the millstone that they could become.


Rather than get behind a potential millstone, Dick DeVos formed the Grand Action Committee. Grand Action was comprised of business leaders in the region who all felt that they could help build Grand Rapids up into a major city without the debt that a convention center would bring. They banded together in order to build some of the most iconic properties in Grand Rapids: the med school at Michigan State University, the DeVos Place Convention Center and even the Grand Rapids City Market. Their work, and opposition to the new stadium, would fundamentally re-shape the Grand Rapids skyline forever.


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