A product experience using WEN by Chaz Dean

The WEN hair product line was originally started by Chaz Dean who is a well known celebrity stylist from Hollywood. He attends to the hair of many well known celebrities and has been in the industry for many years. Chaz originally started in photography and moved to Los Angeles to pursue several commercial photography courses. This course sparked a love for cosmetology in which followed the hair scene very closely. Chaz Dean’s specialization is in both color and cutting of hair. Having been exposed to this industry for so many years, companies have sourced him out to develop product lines. He has since worked at an up market salon in Bel Air where he has since worked his way up and eventually bought the place for himself. Chaz has worked very hard and has a very impressive roster of celebrities that require his services when it come to hair and styling. The studio has since moved into Hollywood providing his many celebrity clients with a more secluded and intimate space that stayed away from the paparazzi eye.

The Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood is where the Wen collection took shape and where the majority of development has taken place. Chaz has been the go to guy when it comes to getting the hair style of you dreams. There are constantly new developments when it comes to hair.

In an article on Allure.com a user gave a very intimate 7 day look at her experience with the WEN brand of products.


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  1. Liza November 16, 2016

    Her over all experience was very positive saying that her hair has been a lot fuller and less fine as with other products that she had tried. She recommends the WEN line to everyone seeking more volume and fuller hair. I like the best essay writing service review because of what they’ve done in this industry.

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