Ashley Lightspeed Remains A Valuable Industry Professional

Ashley Brasier is a partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners. Lightspeed Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that engages with several different types of markets such as, consumer and enterprise.

Ironically, as a child, Ashley wanted to be an architect. Did a lot of prototyping in the garage. While attending Duke and studying Copenhagen, she later discovered she liked prototyping business ideas. Starting her first career at Bain, she had worked there for several years. Looking for something more, she stumbled upon Venture Capital, it had caught her interest based on the background of the company. She went back to school and studied at Stanford GSB. While there she wanted to be involved in several industries all at once, thus entering into Lightspeed. She was a member of the consumer investing team. See Related Article at

The team she was with was focused on their growth strategy, Ashley has looked at this project as a “craftmanship”, You go Ashley Lightspeed! lol. Still believing in the power of prototyping, Ashley Lightspeed! Quoted, “prtotyping is a key tool in the entrepreneur’s toolkit, as it enables you to fail fast and literate faster.”

A perfect way for a innovative person to view things. Before working for Venture, she had worked for a company called Thumbtack, and while in school before that, she was wanting to start her own business. After all, she found her happiness at Venture Capital. Who would have thought a child that was once making sketches in her garage as a child, will soon become one of the most important people of a company where she could use her skills that she had implemented as a child.

She once made a twitter post where she expressed how excited she was to join the Lightspeed VP Team, and how she was looking forward to working closely with her colleagues.

Looks like she is own her way to true happiness, a very inspirational person!



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