Bruce Bent II is the exact Definition of a Go-getter

Bruce Bent II is the current chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation, a financial tech company famous for providing the most innovative cash management solutions to the qualified, plan, broker-dealer, bank, and retail markets.

He also the chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation – a successful firm in financial services and technologies, and a senior executive at the company’s fully owned and subsidiary companies: Access Control Advantage LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC.

His entrepreneurial spirit has been the primary catalyst for the birth of the most powerful technological products in the industry. His inventions have more than 60 privately held patents and have helped transform the FDIC- insured cash management to over $ 1 trillion industry today.

Bruce was the guy behind the commendable growth of The Reserve – the second-largest money market in the world, and part of the FDIC cash management business for more than 17 years. He helped liquidate the company in an orderly fashion during the 2008 financial crisis. Under his leadership, the company’s assets grew from $4 billion to over $ 130 billion.

Bruce Bent’s work has been recognized through mentions in prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times among others. He even once wrote a column on World Journal sharing his insights on investments. He has also been featured in the book ‘Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs’ and quoted as an important subject matter on the cover of ‘The corporate insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice.

Mr. Bent is serious about entrepreneurship. He is linked to entrepreneurial ventures like Asset Management, Intellectual Property, Business Consulting, Healthcare Financing, and Pharmaceuticals.

According to Bruce, the best strategy for success having a good team. While it takes one person to come up with an idea, it takes a team of with different skills and abilities to breathe life into it.

The one trend that excites him is the ease and affordability of communication made possible by technology. His most productive habit as an entrepreneur is his stubbornness. Just like most entrepreneurs, he rarely gives up and sees a ‘No’ as a chance to try a new route and not a failure.

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