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Cancer treatment has for a long time been not only financially draining for most people, its also painful physically and emotionally for both the patient and their closest family members. Luckily, scientists are at work developing drugs that are more efficient, with less side effects, and are more accessible to patients throughout the world.

Targeted cancer therapy is one of the methods of treating cancer that scientist and researchers are focusing as an alternative for other methods like chemotherapy. According to Dr. Clay Siegall, the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Seattle Genetics, the treatment of cancer will become easier, efficient and more valuable once doctors and patients understand targeted therapy well. Targeted therapy is a method that uses drugs which target specific proteins and genes in a cancer cell to stop them from growing and spreading. They block off the signals that alert the cancer cells to divide and grow and also prevent the cells from living abnormally longer.

At Seattle Genetics, Dr Clay Siegall leads the company in developing targeted therapy drugs. His passion, especially for helping cancer patients began when he was a teenager. Watching his own father struggle with cancer, and also from the brutal side effects of the available treatment options at the time, he made a promise to himself to work hard and develop an easier, more efficient method of fighting the disease. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics leads in developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates,(ADC’s) Their first such development, ADCetris was the first ever ADC to be approved by FDA. ADCetris has been approved for use in over 65 countries.

Dr. Clay Siegall has over 20 years of experience in therapeutic drug development and cancer research. He has also serves as Director at both Alder Bio-pharmaceuticals, Inc, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He holds a degree in Zoology from The University of Maryland. He also holds a Doctorate degree in Genetics from the George Washington University.