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Goettl Air Conditioning Reaching For the Horizon in HVAC Industry

The recent acquisition of the family owned HVAC Company from South California, Walton’s Heating and Air, by Goettl Air Conditioning was announced to the general public. Despite the press release regarding the acquisition, the financial details were not released. This recent deal allows Goettl Air Conditioning to cement its presence within California, already having sites in Tucson, Las Vegas and Phoenix. It also means Walton’s Heating and Air will grow to surpass the owner’s, Todd Longbrake, expectations for the company by himself. Todd Longbrake said that he had taken the company as far as they could and they were now stagnating in place.

Upon Goettl Air Conditioning initially expressed their interest to acquire Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning back in 2015, Todd Longbrake was skeptical to go ahead with the request. Later on, Todd Longbrake had a change of heart upon hearing great remarks from other HVAC Industry individuals regarding Goettl Air Conditioning as well as Ken Goodrich, its owner; he then opted to give them a try. In mid-2015, they completed the deal, and Todd Longbrake noted that the company had a tenfold growth. Goettl Air Conditioning, after completion of the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air, they opted to maintain Todd Longbrake as the Field Supervisor as well as the Sales Manager.

Ken Goodrich stated that Todd Longbrake has gelled quite well at their company and its culture and went ahead to become one of the leaders in the organization. Due to the problematic nature of operations and marketing facing Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Ken Goodrich opted to hold off on announcing the deal for two years until earlier this week. They did this to allow them to get their house in order before making the major announcement. Ken Goodrich had to manage all the obstacles in the acquisition due to the value he saw Walton’s brand had to offer his company. He noted that Walton’s had similar values as well as the family background that was similar to his own.

Goettl is a leader in the HVAC industry has helped to change the air conditioning and heating industry. Goettl provides clients with the highest quality HVAC Services within Arizona. Goettl Bros. started out in 1926 Mansfield, Ohio and a few years on the brothers known as Bill, John and Adam went to Phoenix to look for better opportunities as the Great Depression hit. Goettl has grown to do custom homes, remodels, new builds as well as commercial projects.