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Ann Scango, Visual Artist and Sculptor

Ann Scango is a sculptor and visual 3D artist that is well known for her talent in the state of Texas. She encourages others to educate themselves about art. The best way to educate yourself about art is to visit a gallery or website. In her recent article, How to Dive into the World of Art, she explains how buying art can be a great investment opportunity. Many people may fear investing this way because they are afraid they lack enough knowledge about the art they want to buy. Since most art appreciates with time, minimal knowledge is necessary. When buying art it’s really all about what you like, so finding out what your style is may be the single most important part of your purchase and will benefit you the most. Decide what your particular style is before you make the purchase. After all, you will be the one who will see the art everyday.

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Ann Scango is an art visionary who takes inspiration from nature. Being an environmentalist, nature is very important to her, and it shows in her 3D and 2D art pieces. In her work she utilizes many of the natural resources from different parts of Texas to work into her art. She is also the founder of the Scango Collection Austin, an all female collection. Ann believes in helping to empower women in the art industry by giving them a voice. That voice resonates throughout her gallery from every piece of art, as all are created by women and purchased by Ann for the Scango Collection. She is excited to see how future generations of female artists will overcome adversity. She strongly believes that for society to move forward, and continue to progress towards peace and prosperity, that art must remain the center of our focus.

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Desiree Perez Becomes Billboard Power Player

Jay-Z is doing something that many men in his position have not been able to do. He is giving woman a chance to run one of his many businesses. There are not many women in the business world, but Billboard has recognized several of those that are in the business of entertainment. Desiree Perez is one such person that has crossed into leadership role. Jay-Z and has had great success with Roc Nation because of her. All of this has given her a great amount of experience that she is able to use when it comes to building better business opportunities for people that are under the Roc Nation camp.

Perez has presented herself as a strong woman that knows about many different aspects of business. She has put her time and energy into building up some companies that Jay-Z started. She has been able to make some of her businesses thrive largely because she has been able to negotiate contracts. This is what she is known for, and this is the way that her success has been tracked down through the years. Major artists like Beyonce and Rihanna have depended on her for expediting contracts. She has also become someone that has been known for helping Jay-Z bring up the rear when his businesses are sluggish.

Jay-Z has actually topped P. Diddy as the highest paid entertainer. He sits in the company of people like Dr. Dre and Diddy because he had someone like Desiree Perez to oversee so much for Roc Nation.

It isno surprise that she has become so crucial to the framework of Roc Nation. She has been responsible for helping Jay-Z acquire a $200 million dollar deal with Live Nation for concerts. The Jay-Z entertainment empire couldn’t survive with the insight of Desiree Perez.

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