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Beautiful Big Eyes With Simple Makeup

In this tutorial, beauty guru Wengie teaches us how to make our eyes appear larger with only a few simple makeup products. Outside of using makeup, Wengie also wears circle lenses to make her pupils appear larger. And, she applies Lilash to lids and brows daily to promote hair growth.

Begin applying makeup by filling in the brows with a soft brown powder. Next, apply the same matte color to the eyelid by blending it in with your finger. Then grab a cotton swab and apply the color more deeply to the lash line. Extending the line outward and in the lower corner of the eye.

Continue by applying the powder under the eye and apply liner to the upper and lower lid. During this step it is important to not extend the eyeliner fully across the lower and upper lids. Use a cotton swab to smudge and integrate the eyeliner. Rub the excess liner from the swab into the lower corner of the eye.

Finish the eyes up by curling the eyelashes, which will increase the appearance of eye size drastically. Last, apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Now see the difference in how much larger your eyes appear!

Complete the look by applying a light peach lip gloss tint to the lips. Smear some of this precept into the cheeks as well. The light peach color has a natural appearance and matches well with the brown tones previously used. Now enjoy a cute and natural dough-eyed look!


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