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Capturing Beauty ‘The RealReal’ Way

Built on evolution and innovation, TheRealReal is undoubtingly ready to tackle the beauty industry.

The luxury retailer is ready to make an impression with their consumer base as well. TheRealReal seamlessly added high-end beauty products to their collection of already luxury items. Their latest launch of beauty merchandise is genius, according to beauty experts. The consignment-based retailer is now amongst the few who are expanding their beauty business. Curated on staying authentic and passionate, it’s natural for this company to move in this direction. “We want luxury consumers to view us as a trusted destination to find the most covetable selection of luxury products across all categories from clothing to beauty.” said Rati Levesque, Chief and Chief Merchant at TheRealReal.

The RealReal’s launch of luxurious beauty products is taking the beauty industry for a spin. Operating in Manhattan’s SoHo district, products have been available for purchase for several months now, as well as in the Las Vegas pop-up shop. According to the Chief Merchant at TheRealReal, Rati Levesque,”[…] beauty products both online and in our brick-and-mortar locations with the goal of really completing the customer journey.” With the ever so changing industry and modernization, it’s no coincidence that they’ve decided to go this route. Many other prominent retailers have also decided to expand their business model, such as Free People and Forever 21. It has been agreed that retailers see an influx of customers when they offer beauty brands. Not to mention, it makes for an excellent shopping experience for the consumers.

The luxury retailer has plans on expanding, within time and reason. Julie Wainwright, Founder and CEO of ThRealReal, recently did a publicized interview and she said, “We’re getting beauty and home brands that want to sell new product in our store. The lines are starting to blur a little. We’ll have space for special sales and we’re talking to certain people.”

Doe Deere Speaks With Galore Mag About Lime Crime

Doe Deere, the founder and creator of Lime Crime, gave an interview with Galore Mag. In the interview, the owner of Lime Crime was asked various questions. She discussed how she was an artistic and imaginative child growing up and she was always into coloring and paints. Deere’s childhood greatly influenced her to create her cosmetic line.

She also spoke about her very first makeup memory, which was when she was nine years old. Her and a few friends started playing around with makeup during a slumber party, and while they were trying to conjure spirits.

As for how Deere came up with the name for her brand Lime Crime, she said that was actually the first name that popped into her head when she was looking for a name for her eBay store. Deere said the name happened to be available and she chose it. However, she did mention she probably would have chosen a different name if she knew Lime Crime was going to be a huge hit.

In the interview, Deere said being an internet-based company has both advantages and challenges. Deere mentioned how she enjoys getting feedback on social media and that this allows them to connect with their customers. She said the fact that anyone can spread rumors was a challenge. She did say that part of the entrepreneurial journey is to grow and improve, and she has consistently improved Lime Crime since its inception.

If anyone is interested in buying products from the company, then they can do so online. The products offered by the brand are sold in select stores too.  Check out Lime Crime’s social media as well, including Facebook, as well as Tumblr.

Makari de Suisse- For the Perfect Skin You Have Always Wanted

Makari de Suisse is a luxury skin care brand of its kind. It comprises of diverse beauty that brings out the best in you. It mostly addresses the needs of color for both men and women. For the past 10 years, Makari has transformed the lives of individuals across the globe by way of helping them get a good-looking skin. Makari has maintained its reputation as a quality brand whose main aim is to help their clients achieve radiant skin. It has helped persons who have darker skin tones and have been ignored in the beauty industry.

Makari skincare line of products is formulated to decrease the appearance of acne, dark spots as well as stretch marks. Makari’s customers have been grateful for the results they get from using their products, in numerous cases removing embarrassing marks and spots that have been on their skin for ages.


The origin of their products

Their products are manufactured in Switzerland, a nation that is highly respected for high quality, while undergoing a powerful scientific and technical scrutiny, thus resulting in a formula combining natural plant extracts and luxurious caviar extracts.


About their whitening skin products

What Makari does is that they take the natural approach to skincare with mild yet effective products that nourishes the skin hence providing you with a very natural glow.

If you need an all-in-one, effective, high-quality ultra-rich appearance whitening product, look no more. Makari offers you products that are not only natural, good for your skin, and certain to give the results you desire, but also fantastic hydrating and brightening. Face whitening should not be a difficult process after all.


Makari is more than just a radiant skin care brand

The level of self-confidence you have and the success that comes with it is directly affected by the way you feel and look. If you have a skin that is radiant and flawless then you will have confidence. Makari’s aim is to unlock an individual’s beauty as well as help them increase their self-confidence through an even luxurious skin.

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