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The Epic Rise in Demand for Handy Cleaning Services

In the past couple of years, the world has seen increased demand for home care and cleaning services. Professionals have come out to advertise their services, so as to meet potential clients. The professionals offering home cleaning services have over time had the challenges of finding a market at ease. Different people have taken different approaches, depending on their beliefs. However, their success has not been epic like recently seen by the introduction of Handy cleaning services.

Handy Cleaning services focuses in cleaning home and business premises as described by the client. The role of the client is to log onto their computer or mobile phone application and choose the best professional from the list. Once the client has chosen who to work with, the schedule the time for the services to be made. It may be cleaning or minor repairs. The introduction of the concept has been seen by many homeowners to be convenient and cheap. Firstly, it is because the company is reputable and reliable.

On the same note, the professionals that give the actual service are vetted thoroughly before admission. Thus, they offer the best service. There is an option to replace the previous cleaner if the current one is better. The bottom line being that the client has the freedom to choose who offers the service.

The easy access to the website and booking platform has boosted the success of the company. Recent reports indicated that the company was seeing over $1 million in bookings in each week. It is highly attributed to the fact that the company had launched a mobile application that could be accessed everywhere and used with ease. With the application, booking Handy services has become extremely easy, and people can comfortably interact with the straightforward platform while choosing the kind of services they have to offer.

In just two years, Handy cleaning services has seen great success at a level that major industry analysts and players have compared it to Uber. In fact as reveals, they call it the Uber of Home Cleaning Services. Initiated by former Harvard University classmates, the business model of the company is quite impressive even though many people did not find it sound in the beginning. It is its uniqueness that has made the company famous in the US States and parts of Europe. Some companies in Australia have tried out the service, but have failed due to the lack of proper planning and focus. What is unique with Handy is that they concentrate on high-quality services that have a low rate of rejection. From then on, the company builds a sound relationship the clients, and it becomes a recurrent thing.

Handy cleaning services were formed from the life experiences of the founders. It was what they had seen before joining up in Harvard that they found unique and decided to get into the venture. Despite that many people still do not believe that the company can stand the taste of the time, Handy has increasingly got new clients. With over 5,000 registered professionals, each gets at least a job in a month. It is a commendable achievement for the young men that dared to dream.