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Ms. Hudson Delivers Again!

According to Marie Claire magazine online, it appears that big time celebrity Miss Kate Hudson has once again come up with a bright and brand new idea in fashion and marketability: the ‘athleisure dress’. According to the article, written on March 29 of this year, the new ‘athleisure’ dresses were to be released on the first of April of this same year.

According to the online article, “Hudson spoke to about the super chic debut, plus her new line of performance wear swimsuits that hit shelves mid-April. Get ready for your bikini top to double as a sports bra during pilates by the water. And by ‘pilates’, we obviously mean taking naps on your beach chair.” Other source:

Thus, it does appear that Ms. Hudson has indeed done it again! Miss ‘Fab’ of liking them on Facebook scores! She and her time would deliver once again….and make many young women happy!

Fabletics was co founded by Miss Kate Hudson in 2013. It is known for combining ‘fabulous’ with ‘athletic’…..hence the name, Mic….like everything which Ms. Hudson seeks to produce and promote in the works of fashion and wear.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the other co founders of Fabletics. It is indeed a team effort and initiative. After three years of solid business, it only continues to grow as such.

Throughout the online article by Marie Claire, it appears that there is a series of questions which Marie Claire asks Miss Hudson regarding: herself, her personal tastes in fashion as displayed through Fabletics and the overall attractability & reliability of her new product to the female consumers out there in today’s market. It is indeed a good time to be alive….particularly as a young lady in today’s high world of competitive and advancing fashion trends! Who would want to miss it? More? Explore the ‘athleisure dresses’ today for yourself.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Active Wear Company is Ruling the World

It’s a simple message or mantra- “Live your passion,” and actress Kate Hudson really means it. That’s her mission with the Fabletics sportswear company she co-founded, and it’s a lifestyle she tries to encompass each day, no matter how hectic her schedule becomes.

The beautiful star sat down with Elle magazine to talk shop and why she cares.

The actress tells Elle at that she grew up in an active family, and she herself played soccer and took dance lessons. She is now a busy mom to two adorable young boys, but she still makes movement and sports a large part of her life. She encourages women around the world to try and find the time for keeping active, even if it means starting slowly with a walk, yoga class or a jog.

The company’s video updates on YouTube are just that, fab active wear on-trend in gorgeous, bright colors and patterns and best of all, quality pieces that are affordable. Kate Hudson adores leggings and wears them a lot, and she happens to have some of the cutest designs on the planet. When you join Fabletics as a VIP member, you can buy these leggings, along with yoga pants, beautiful tops, sports bras, adorable dresses and stunning swimsuits.

Fabletics is convenient, modern shopping as a subscription online retailer. It’s athleisure wear that you can put on for a date, head to the boardroom and anywhere else you might be going. Kate Hudson believes the active wear style is a movement that’s growing by leaps and bounds.

When you join Fabletics as a VIP member, you’re getting great value, as noted by The Krazy Coupon Lady. In fact, you’ll get a gorgeous first outfit for just $25 and free shipping, and the fabric, style and variety are beautiful.

When you become a VIP member, you can actually shop Kate Hudson’s closet. Say what?


Active wear is here to stay, especially when you can afford to buy it and it offers the latest trends and excellent quality. Fabletics is all about that and much more.

Life is busy enough, so when you can wear comfortable, figure-flattering active wear wherever your journey’s taking you, it’s a good feeling.

How Big Is The Athleisure Market?

The athleisure market is getting bigger every day, and it is coming to a head because now everyone wants to be in the athleisure market. There are so many designers and so many clothes that people can hardly keep up, but Fabletics is still at the head of the class. There was an article talking about how big the market was going to get, and it shows that athleisure is going to keep growing because not all the gaps have been filled in yet.

Wikipedia revealed that Athleisure sort of started when Kate Hudson started Fabletics, and it is continuing because everyone wants to get in on the act. There is a segment of the market for people who want to wear something simple, and there is a segment for people who want to put together some more complicated pieces. It just depends on what people want to do. There is a woman walking down the street who could have a totally put together look, and there is another that will have a gym outfit with a nice top or a hat.

The market is expanding as more people decide to spend their money on athleisure, and it is going to be taken over by all the people who think they can get their line in there. There are a lot of people with big ideas, but they are all getting in line behind following them on Pinterest. You can read more about it at JustFab.

That is the first line that got women to the gym easily, and it is the only one that was supposed to be completely simple. She made clothes that anyone would look good in, and it can be mixed and matched at the gym.

There are new clothes in athleisure that are going to look great because they are so simple, and they can be paired with workout clothes so they look easy. They will go to the gym, and then they will leave the gym to run some errands. Women can look amazing because they are in simple clothes that hug their bodies and make them feel feminine at the gym or out of the gym.