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Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes History

Cosmetic surgery is at an unprecedented height right about now. Thanks to the advancements in modern-day technology, best cosmetic surgeons have much more innovative equipment to work with. This innovative equipment makes the job much easier, and it yields much better results in the end. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a standout when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She has definitely put in tremendous amounts of work throughout the years, and this work has certainly paid-off. On April 29, 2018, Dr. Walden will be the first women to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. That’s right! Dr. Walden will hold-down the position of Secretary for the Society’s Executive Committee.

Holding prominent positions isn’t something that is new for this extraordinary woman. She is currently the Commissioner of Communications for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With this position for the Aesthetic Society, she has been overseeing all of the society’s communications activities. Dr. Walden can surely handle the day-to-day challenges that comes along with the job. She is the founder for one of the nation’s top medical-aesthetics institutes. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is state-of-the-art as it hosts top-level clinicians and a bunch of technologically advanced equipment. This facility offers a wide range of services such as:

• Labiaplasty

• Rhinoplasty

• Laser Hair Removal

• Butt Lift

• Chemical Peel

• Breast Reduction

• Breast Augmentation

• Lip Enhancement

• Cheek Implant

• Injection Filler

• And more

Dr. Walden is also the co-author of an award-winning book named “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” She is the daughter of a dentist and is the daughter of a nurse. She also has four siblings as well as twin sons.

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Dr. Mark McKenna has Entrepreneurship in His Blood

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist and then went on to create OVME. He feels that entrepreneurship has always been in his blood and points to the fact that he has never worked for another person a single day of his life. While he attributes some of this to how own abilities, he also acknowledges the fact that, both, his mother and father also worked for themselves. He feels that they laid the ground, so to speak, for him, and he is grateful to have had role models like them.

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna was working as the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Mortgage Lending, McKenna Crescent Investments, and Uptown Title. His company built and designed residential homes and offered mortgage financing. At the peak of the company, there were 55 employees. The hurricane forced his girlfriend and him to flee, and he thought it would be a short evacuation. It lasted longer than he had imagines, and when they both returned, they found that the company’s employees were all over the country, that his properties were not as insured as they should of been, and that he had no cash to fix anything.

Dr. Mark McKenna eventually got back on his feet, and in the process he helped to rebuild the city of New Orleans. Instead of remaining in the city after he helped with its rebuilding, he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he would eventually put together OVME, which is a retail medical aesthetic company. Officially founded in July of 2017, the company was started with $4 million in local financing from a venture capital firm in the area. Now, him and his loyal team work hard to disrupt the industry in every possible way, which is benefiting people because of what OVME offers them.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School and is licensed by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners to practice. He is a known patient advocate and puts his passion into helping as many people as he possibly can.