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The Chainsmokers: Conquering the DJ Scene

The Chainsmokers are one of America’s most well-known musical duos. Starting out as DJs at a young age, both Drew Taggart and Alex Pall knew that music was their passion, but it wasn’t until they started working together that their dreams truly took shape. Their unique mixture of electronic beats combined with original, thought provoking lyrics was a bit outside the box for DJs when they first hit the scene. Their choice to feature themselves on vocals was also an unusual choice, but one that certainly paid off. The release of their first album took the musical world by storm; the album topped the Billboard album charts and reached platinum status. Having now achieved eight Top 10 Billboard hits, there is no doubt that the Chainsmokers possess what it takes to keep them front and center in the music scene.

Recently named number two on Forbes list of highest paid DJs, surpassing even the well-known David Guetta, the Chainsmokers definitely have the financial backing to show for their rapid success. They are currently nearing the last year of a three year contract with Wynn Nightlife, a Las Vegas nightclub. Each nightly show brings them a check in the mid six-figures, which easily explains how they made the top of Forbes’ list. That, combined with touring and music sales, brought in a staggering $45.5 million in 2018.

Not to worry, all of this success has not made them complacent. They continue to write and release new music which never seems to disappoint their ever-growing fan-base. Their newest release, This Feeling feat. Kelsea Ballerini has reached over 30 million YouTube views in less than three weeks. Other releases from this year, such as “You Owe Me” and “Sick Boy” are now into the hundreds of millions of views, showing that their fans enthusiasm shows no sign of waning. Taggart and Pall are definitely not slowing down in their pursuit of new and interesting ways to express their creativity and it is not just their fans who are excited about their journey, the DJ duo is equally excited to see what is coming next.

Throw The Perfect Party With These Tips From Professional Party Planners

If you’ve ever thrown a party before, you know how easy it is to go from calm and collected to stressed out and exhausted. That’s because every party requires lots of planning, time and money. Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, it’s easy to get frazzled during the process of planning a flawless affair.


Luckily, professional party planners are here to help. These professional event planners in NYC have given us some expert tips that will turn your party into a success that your guests will be talking about for ages to come.



  1. Keep the Menu Simple


Just because you’re a great cook doesn’t mean that you have to come up with an elaborate menu. By creating some simple yet creative appetizers, your guests will be more than satisfied for the duration of your party. Try sticking to foods that your guests can eat with their hands so that they can continue to mingle while they snack.



  1. Create a Self-Serve Bar


Between mingling with your guests and making sure that there is enough food on the table at all times, you’re going to have your hands full. The last thing you need to worry about is making sure that your guests have a beverage in their hands at all times.


Create a self-serve bar area where guests can pour their own drinks. Throw in some classic mixers like cranberry juice and club soda. To add an element of class, fill some small dishes with classic cocktail garnishes like lemon wedges, cherries and olives.



  1. Create a Special Space Just for Kids


If your guests are bringing their children, create a special kid-friendly space so that they can be occupied while the adults mingle. Place a small table off to the side and load it up with coloring books, crayons and small toys so that they can be entertained for the duration of your party.



  1. Hire a Planner


If you want to play host without doing all the hard work of organizing, planning and budgeting, hire a professional event planning company in NYC to relieve you of the stress. Whether you’re having a small dinner party or an enormous engagement bash, Twenty Three Layers in New York City can handle all of your party-related needs. Besides managing the guest list, the invitations and the decor, Twenty Three Layers can provide catering, bar service and other important services for you.