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Life Line Screening – Preventative Health Measures

Life Line Screening is a healthcare company that provides screening tools that help identify health issues before they become a more serious matter. The professional medical staff at Life Line Screening are dedicated to the mission of making each patient more aware of unrecognized health problems. They encourage and provide information on different steps that can be taken after their screening process. They suggest follow ups with their primary care physician and additional testing if necessary. Life Line Screening is the leading provider in the community that provide preventative health screenings located in the United States. The advanced ultrasound equipment, which is the same type of machines that are found in hospitals, are utilized by educated and professionally trained staff. The results are then reviewed by board certified physicians. The company originated in 1993 and has continued to grow immensely since. They have a record of screening nearly eight million people and have helped many get the proper care needed.

The company utilizes high end ultrasound and EKG screenings. There are three types of preventative health screenings that they offer. They are ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings and limited electrocardiograph. The ultrasound uses sound waves to screen the body. The finger-stick method is a type of blood screen that can detect heart disease and diabetes. They also offer a full lipid panel with the screening process, glucose screening, indicators for cardiovascular disease and elevated liver enzymes.

The limited electrocardiograph helps detect certain heart conditions such as an irregular heart beat or other heart conditions that require a doctors visit. The screening can also detect the risk of stroke by conducting an EKG which is a fairly quick, non-invasive procedure.Many people utilize these services throughout the United States as a preventative method to their health. If they should experience any negative results, the staff will be able to give them as much information as possible and advise them to follow up or make an appointment with their physician. The results are vital and many can seek treatment before it’s too late. Learn more.