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Activities of Rights Groups in the United States

In the world today there exists very many organizations whose work is to defend the rights of the people all over the world. Non-governmental organizations lead the way in this struggle. These organizations apply various efforts ranging from public awareness, forensic audits, and legal proceeding to ensure that the rights of people are protected from violations. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Many local and community-based rights groups usually raise matters of interest to the international community who will, in turn, pressurize governments to act on the issues raised. These organizations can seek the international community to initiate economic sanctions on governments that are involved in excessive violation of human rights.

Other organizations engage in taking protective actions such as protecting people from killings and kidnappings and violence that may be affecting them. These organizations usually accompany foreign missions in their attempt to address issues of human rights violations.

It is a common consensus among all nations through the UN human rights charter that human rights are universal and should be respected irrespective of one’s origin. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Advocacy Groups for Civil, Human and Immigrant Rights

Many organizations in the world; local, regional or international are dedicated to ensuring that people have access to their rights regardless of factors such as their position, location, beliefs, gender age or nationality.

Office of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights

It enforces human rights through missions of peacekeeping in different countries. It also keeps records and regularly comments on situations concerning human rights the world over as well as having the mandate to investigate and write reports on suspicious cases of violation of human rights in war zones and other parts of the world especially where the local authorities, the government or the main media house have turned a blind eye to ongoing cases of inhumane treatment of people.

United Nations Human Rights Council

It is an inter-governmental organization that was established by The General Assembly of The United Nations in 2006 to address issues concerning human rights in UN member countries such as freedom of religion and belief, ethnic and racial minorities’ rights as well as women rights.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is a famous Phoenix-based advocacy group for civil and immigrants’ rights that was founded in 1970. The co-founders, Jim Larkin and Michal lacey are renowned journalists in Arizona. They have been fighting for civil rights and freedom of expression for a long time through their careers as journalists.

They got a wrongful conviction by the Maricopa County government for apparent disregard of grand jury proceedings, a case which they appealed and got a substantial settlement which they put into their fund to continue supporting groups in Arizona that advocate for rights of immigrants.

National network for immigrant and refugee rights (NNIRR)

NNIRR seeks to defend and broaden the rights of both immigrants and refugees despite their illegal or legal status. It was founded in 1868 and has enjoyed membership support from communities especially those consisting of immigrants.

It works as part of a worldwide movement for economic and social justice, and its commitment is to ensure that every person is accorded their human rights in regards to safety and peaceful environments.