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Securus Technologies Enters Into Acquisition Deal With GovPayNet

Securus Technologies is a company that offers a range of voice and video calling solutions to prisons across the United States. The company is currently one of the most preferred service providers, which is why more and more prisons are opting to choose Securus Technologies to implement suitable communication systems.

Recently, Securus Technologies announced that they would be entering into a deal with GovPayNet, acquiring the rights to be able to implement their systems in coordination with the work that they do. GovPayNet is a company that stands as one of the premier providers for payment methods to government offices across the country. The company is known for providing options to people to be able to pay their fines, bail amounts, and stipends. Now, with this acquisition, GovPayNet will be able to accept funds from people who want to pay for the communication services that Securus Technologies provides.

GovPayNet will make the process of paying through debit cards and credit cards a lot easier and will allow inmates to be able to use the services that Securus Technologies provides a lot more fluently.

Securus Technologies has always been geared towards a better degree of development. One of the main principles that the company stands by is being able to continually develop and improve the degree of services that they offer to always stay ahead of their competition. This acquisition of GovPayNet is just one of the many endeavors that Securus Technologies has taken to improve the quality of services that they provide.

Securus Technologies provides not only communication services but also inmate monitoring services that can help prisons keep a better track of their inmates. This service has become a vital part of the package that Securus Technologies offers, and is one of the reasons why so many prisons are switching to the technology that they provide.

The Solution to all Prisons- Securus Technologies

There is nothing that has the power to separate families. This is why the families are willing to go bankrupt and save their relative from going behind bars. They explained that they did this because of fear of losing them. They were afraid of the bullying and killings that happen in jail and go unpunished. The other thing that they were afraid of is not having a chance to talk with the inmates anymore. This has changed with the involvement of Securus Technologies. The company has helped fill all the voids.

Securus Technologies is a high tech provision company. No other firm has been able to compete with their products. The level of creativity and innovation is unbeatable. The firm serves more than a million inmates, 2600 correctional facilities, and more than 3400 premium businesses. The high number of customers is due to the reliability of their products. No hacker has been able to crack any of their devices. Their gadgets can only be cracked by the provider.

One of the devices that the administration and the inmates have appreciated is the installation of tools that link the management and the inmates. This has helped get rid of untrustworthy officers. Some officers might have been paid off by outsiders to harm the inmates.

Inmates who have been in jail for long has termed the devices as useful. They are happy with the reduced bullying and safe environment. The administration says that it is now easy for the convicts to reform. Jails are no longer bleeding sites for tough individuals. It is now a place where people accept their mistakes, heal and humbly serve their sentences. We can finally see great personalities from jail.

The families are now happy and comfortable with their relatives serving their sentences. They consider Securus Technologies the solution the correctional services needed.


Securus Technologies for protection solutions

Technology is the best investment tool in assisting in law enforcement and correction agencies in solving crimes and social vices in a particular society. Securus Technologies Company serves as one of the leading technologies company in the world. It is a prison based technology company located in Dallas, Texas. It provides a technology that is used in protecting people. They extended their highly demanded services to various organizations, correction agencies and individual customers who want to be secure and protected.


Presently, Securus Technologies focuses on criminal and civil justice technology, solving, preventing and provision of solutions to crimes and any other form of social problem. Securus Technologies has earned the reputation for its commitment to the provision of emergency response services, offering public information, investigation, monitoring services, and biometric analysis to the North Americans. The company has a well-equipped national calling center which is managed and controlled by a team of trained technicians who works to the interest of the firm. Securus Technologies has grown into a large enterprise with investment in technologies, patents and also the acquisition of resources.


Securus Technologies launched another facility which helps in preventing illegal network access early this year.The Wireless Containment Solution prevents the connection between the contraband cell phones and mobile networks. The service assists in collection and identification of contraband cell phones and in-returns it provides actionable information for the correctional agencies to respond to the matter efficiently in handling the law breakers. The system has been in use to control the contraband cell phones.


Securus Technologies has received several approvals in various Department of Corrections Facilities. Securus has over 1,000 employees and has contracted with almost 2,600 correctional facilities. It is one of the businesses that offered communication services to inmates through the telephone in the United States. They have worked handily with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender Technology.


Top Industry Inmate Communication Provider Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is dedicated to the highest level of customer service excellency that has caused them to receive the prestigious BBB Accreditation. They ensure that customers will have 24/7 customer service when they need it. Their IT professionals ensure that you get results to your dispute resolutions or concerns. Securus started out as a leading inmate network provider offering surveillance, monitoring, and telecommunications security. Their interactive technology solutions will guarantee that customers talk more and spend less. The rising cost of inmate calling has restricted thousands of families from staying in contact with their loved ones in a correctional facility.


How Securus Technologies Became The Leading Professionals


Securus Technologies was adamant about listening to their customers and providing services that will help them save. In fact, they offer promotional offers for their first time customers. Their services are chosen 10 to 1 over their competitors and competing companies like Global Tel-Link. They also received certification 1 that has allowed them to expand their services internationally. They believe that a combined effort will allow them to expand and improve their services. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.


Securus Technologies Available Features


Video Chat


You can talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility face-to-face. Eliminate the need to locate an authorized agent or ever having to leave home. Their video chat feature is available through Vimeo for one flat fee. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account.


Inmate Voicemail


Leave an inmate a voicemail message about important information. Their legal counsel can help prepare an inmate for a case or a loved one can give them important details concerning their loved ones.


Join the trusted Securus Technologies family today.

Securus Technologies corrects inaccurate allegations made by GTL

Securus Technologies is a leading company that provides criminal justice in correction facilities. The Texas-based company recently released statements that corrected misleading and inaccurate statements made by GTL. From allegations made by Global Tel Link, I find GTL as a highly dishonest company. The company went ahead to release misleading information just to get ahead of its competitors. Fortunately, Securus Technologies came out clearly to address the inaccurate claims contained in GTL’s press release.


The sixth allegation made by GTL against Securus stated that Securus had established a pattern of settling and suing industry competitors. The company has set up legal claims that are favorable to them. According to GTL, these actions have halted them from defending their technology. GTL went ahead to argue that Securus Technologies bullied their business but will not prevent them from going to courts.


In all undertakings by Securus, the company has achieved reasonable licenses with other businesses. Securus has entered into license agreements with GTL on previous occasions. For whatever reason, I do not know why GTL has sought to spend millions to engage in fights over patents. The company should strive to enter into other licenses and gain new patents. As popularly known, GTL is under the table when it comes to patents. Securus has more than twice the number of patents compared to GTL. Securus Technologies has portrayed on several occasions that their services are more favorable than that of GTL.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, GTL doesn’t want to pursue its licenses and patents. Instead, the company seeks to spend money and time to destroy its competitors.



Humanitarian Corporation

Securus Technologies is a corporation that supports an interesting type of customer. In order to offer this high level of support they need to development and maintain control over their high quality products. There has been recent issues with these subjects as of late, with another company involved in the industry, GTL, who mas made accusations that Securus is operating under expired patents for many of their products. After some research by Securus personnel and third party sources it would seem that these accusations are untrue and that they are in fact baseless and inaccurate.


Securus Technologies offers security and communications expertise to incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. They offer this support through products such as a free downloadable application for both Android and Apple devices. This program can be used to communicate through video streaming technology in order for inmates to successfully talk with their family members and loved ones easily. This allows family members to bypass the irritating nature of prison visitation by no longer needing to drive to the prison or to worry about the uncomfortable way that security checks within them operate. These advancements in technology are meant to serve all consumers regardless of where they currently reside in society.


Securus Technologies not only can be labeled as a technology company, but thanks to the way they treat their select customer base they can also be evaluated as a humanitarian organization that will support their customers until the very end.