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Global Tel-Link Wrongdoings & Ethical Breaches Discovered by Securus Technologies

For inmates housed at state and federal correctional institutions across the nation, having a line of communication with family, loved ones, and others, is a vital provision that they rely on and put their faith every day. For persons seeking to maintain contact with an inmate, the company that facilitates this line of communication is also trusted and depended upon to be a secure, reputable and reliable service. In most states, the leading prison telecom provider is Global Tel Link, which provides not only inmate telephone services but also video visitation and scheduling and inmate funding services for commissary accounts.

Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Global Tel-Link, commonly referred to as GTL, has been linked to reports of serious breaches of integrity and wrongdoings in the state of Louisiana that have spanned an on-going period for years. These findings will be reviewed by Securus Technologies, a national provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions that focuses on public safety, corrections, investigation and monitoring. Your text to link… The initial findings, which were discovered by investigations of the Louisiana Public Trade Commission (LPTC), included a list of wrongs that included overcharging customers, adding time to calls to inflate costs, charging higher rates than what was allowed, and billing customers for duplicate calls. Watch this video on Youtube.
Securus Technologies hopes to bring about a halt to the unfair and wrong practices that GTL has reportedly engaged in as well as to raise public awareness about the operations of and billing methods of prison communication providers in the US. Securus will review the accusations against GTL and the findings of the LPTC with a series of press releases scheduled to be released over the next six months.

For more info, visit Securus’ crunchbase page.

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