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Securus Technologies Preventing Crimes in the City

My job as a crime scene investigator changes from day-to-day. While some days we are trying to preserve evidence, other times we are trying to piece together things so we can come up with a profile for a dangerous suspect on the loose. This month, my team was asked to come up with evidence that would lead us to a string of burglaries that had a local town on edge. This suspect was not only robbing the homes, he was doing it in the middle of the day while families were home.


The last incident involved a mother and her three children who were home watching television when the suspect broke in and terrorized them. It seemed each case was getting more violent, and if we didn’t locate this suspect soon, we feared someone was going to pay with their life. With no leads as far as informants, we had to take our efforts to the place where criminals like to talk and brag about their crimes.


At the local prison, officers aren’t welcome into that inner circle. As soon as we began poking around about our suspect, the inmates wanted nothing to do with us. Know this prison utilizes the inmate call monitoring system made by Securus Technologies, we knew it was only a matter of time before they talked. These inmates wait until they think we are gone, then run to the phones and we hear all sorts of chatter concerning our suspect.


One call an inmate made to his friend was quite revealing. He told his friend that when a certain person shows up to sell anything, tell him the fugitive task force was at the jail poking around about him. Without any name, we did some surveillance on this friend, and was able to put a face to the crimes and arrest the suspect when he showed that night.