Doe Deere – A Pioneer In Makeup

About a month ago, a production crew was looking for a makeup artist. The previous artist was a decent guy but had brought the conventional ways of makeup into the set. Hardworking fellow but the director was against the boring makeup and wanted to tap into fresh ideas. They put Doe Deere, a pioneer in the makeup industry for instant operation on the case. Doe Deere, an expert in styling, looked at the requirements and offered her service without hassles. Her many makeup advice and tips were so interesting, it stood out. Some of the tips had something to do with breaking the old conventional rules, such as:

1. Wearing Bold Eye With Bold Lip

Many of the solutions for eye makeup are probably right in front of you but finding them is a matter of a little research, trial and error. It is okay to wear bold eye makeup and bold lips when the conventional way says not to, according to Doe Deere. And she is right in every way. Doe Deere likes to take her ideas and tips personally and apply them on a daily basis. Her suggestions for her customers and fans are also based on what she thinks is the right thing to do. There are plenty of colors that go well with eyes and wearing them boldly makes one stand out in the crowd. The same rule applies to lip color as well. So, Doe Deere says not to measure look by how light one can go with eye shadow. It is the mot obvious way to try something new and it always amazes so many people around her.

2. Using Too Many Colors

Some conventional makeup tips are meaningless and misleading. For example, Doe Deere says it is okay to use as many colors as one can find interesting. There is room for all type of colors when it comes to makeup and dress styles. In the entertainment industry, color is king. It has to be. Celebrities have to attract a huge audience. Being colorful adds a unique character on stage. As long as you are disciplined adding as much colors as you can will do no harm.

3. Using Too Many Patterns

Again, just like color, too many patterns will add uniqueness to one’s looks. Many people are convinced of this notion after Doe Deere showed them how to be selective of the various patterns and accessories. You don’t have to drill down into the core of magazine or fashion journals to learn about mixing patterns; whatever you have in your closet, just choose the right combination that compliment one another.

That Doe Deere’s videos and guidelines on the internet exists and are making big in the makeup industry is because of her dedication to her passion. Most of all, she took her job seriously and didn’t let things slide.

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  1. Liza Teslim December 7, 2016

    Others who have followed her path and heeded to her advice have a learned a great deal in this matter. It is all to easy to let things slide. That is so pathetic and I know rush my papers would not like to admit that as well.

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