Doe Deere Speaks With Galore Mag About Lime Crime

Doe Deere, the founder and creator of Lime Crime, gave an interview with Galore Mag. In the interview, the owner of Lime Crime was asked various questions. She discussed how she was an artistic and imaginative child growing up and she was always into coloring and paints. Deere’s childhood greatly influenced her to create her cosmetic line.

She also spoke about her very first makeup memory, which was when she was nine years old. Her and a few friends started playing around with makeup during a slumber party, and while they were trying to conjure spirits.

As for how Deere came up with the name for her brand Lime Crime, she said that was actually the first name that popped into her head when she was looking for a name for her eBay store. Deere said the name happened to be available and she chose it. However, she did mention she probably would have chosen a different name if she knew Lime Crime was going to be a huge hit.

In the interview, Deere said being an internet-based company has both advantages and challenges. Deere mentioned how she enjoys getting feedback on social media and that this allows them to connect with their customers. She said the fact that anyone can spread rumors was a challenge. She did say that part of the entrepreneurial journey is to grow and improve, and she has consistently improved Lime Crime since its inception.

If anyone is interested in buying products from the company, then they can do so online. The products offered by the brand are sold in select stores too.  Check out Lime Crime’s social media as well, including Facebook, as well as Tumblr.

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    Kenley Archer September 21, 2017

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