George Soros Says Refugee Crisis In Greece Could Get Worse

In a recent issue of NYC Daily, billionaire entrepreneur George Soros lays out his own plan on for how he would respond to the refugee crisis in Europe. As it stands today, thousands of refugees are living in a makeshift camp at the Greek-Macedonia border. George Soros is critical of the EU-Turkey negotiations pointing out the flaws that are making the crisis even more difficult to bear.

George Soros points out that the negotiations are not European, as it was created by Turkey and imposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Other problems include the policy is vastly underfunded, it imposes quotas requiring some refugees to live in places the don’t want and it forces refugees to stay in what is akin to a concentration camp with limited facilities.

George Soros says that although the deficiencies can be corrected, not everyone is on the same page. The European Commission has stated publicly that there should be an open debate to clarify matters and offer varying opinions on the matter. Soros believes that if something isn’t done quickly, a catastrophe could very well be in the making. A comprehensive plan will require at least $34 billion. Without action, the collapse of the Schengen international border system on is a real threat.

George Soros is a billionaire entrepreneur and business magnate with an estimated worth of $25 billion. George Soros grew up in Nazi-occupied Hungary and survived the Battle of Budapest.

After moving to New York in 1956, he found employment at F.M. Meyer and Worthheim & Company. At the latter, he was able to save $500,000 of his own money. After a stint at Arnhold & Bleichroeder, Soros went into the hedge fund business for himself. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1970. By the 1980s, he had become one of the largest hedge fund corporations in the world.

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