Humanitarian Corporation

Securus Technologies is a corporation that supports an interesting type of customer. In order to offer this high level of support they need to development and maintain control over their high quality products. There has been recent issues with these subjects as of late, with another company involved in the industry, GTL, who mas made accusations that Securus is operating under expired patents for many of their products. After some research by Securus personnel and third party sources it would seem that these accusations are untrue and that they are in fact baseless and inaccurate.


Securus Technologies offers security and communications expertise to incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. They offer this support through products such as a free downloadable application for both Android and Apple devices. This program can be used to communicate through video streaming technology in order for inmates to successfully talk with their family members and loved ones easily. This allows family members to bypass the irritating nature of prison visitation by no longer needing to drive to the prison or to worry about the uncomfortable way that security checks within them operate. These advancements in technology are meant to serve all consumers regardless of where they currently reside in society.


Securus Technologies not only can be labeled as a technology company, but thanks to the way they treat their select customer base they can also be evaluated as a humanitarian organization that will support their customers until the very end.


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    Vanessa Agustin December 18, 2017

    Humanitarian organization probably yes because of the level of impact their service has had on human beings but I see them as more of a business organization. Although provides us insight on the subject matter I think that for the fact that they have such a huge success there is always bound to be one conspiracy theory or the other about them as we are see with the GTL corporation but the pertinent thing is that they should keep up the good work that we are seeing.

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