Integrity, Education, And Experience Make Helane Morrison An Excellent Compliance Officer

Without compliance officers many businesses today would find themselves in serious trouble and facing and endless stream of litigation. Compliance officers create policies and procedures to help companies run their businesses without breaking laws and sullying their reputations. As business regulations and restrictions become more complex and more difficult to navigate, the well-trained, experience compliance officer has become indispensable. It is no longer a position filled by some inexperienced bureaucrat to appease the public. The modern compliance officer must be able to identify, prevent, and solve sophisticated business problems.

In times past, the compliance officer was window dressing. A mere rubber stamp for the policies of corporate leaders. Today the business world requires activist compliance officers that fight tooth and nail to ensure safe business practices are enacted and followed. Failure to do so can leave a company in dire straits. That is why the compliance officers being hired nowadays must be well-educated individuals with a deep understanding of the industry in which they work and the laws governing it.

Helane Morrison is an excellent example of a successful modern compliance officer. Morrison has a solid educational background, a deep and clear understanding of the law, and over a decade worth of experience investigating businesses to make sure they comply with the relevant laws and do not take advantage of their customers. A new York native, Morrison has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, a law degree from UC Berkley, and practiced law for 10 years. After leaving the San Francisco law firm with which she was a partner, Morrison took a position with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For 11 years Helane Morrison was head of regional enforcement for the SEC’s San Francisco office. While there she investigate companies to make sure they were in compliance with all applicable laws. Morrison won numerous cases against major companies guilty of fraud or misconduct. So when she became chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners in 2007, she knew exactly what regulators would be looking for and the types of practices she had to make sure her company avoided. Her education, experience, and work history were just the preparation she needed for the position with the California-based financial services company. She had legal and investigative experience and an impeccable reputation.

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