Making the Most of Your Education

A person has to have a pretty sharp mind, and one that sees opportunity where others only dare to consider, to be good at shorting stocks. Shorting is antithetical investing because near every investor is concerned with buying something that appreciates. That said, to not only admit that investments also depreciate, but to see the beauty in shorting, so as to make out at that downturn, is the brainchild of people made from special sauce. Sahm Adragi, Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital, is best know for his research and his short-selling.

Once you have worked in research, it is absolutely clear that there are 2 sides to every transaction in the markets. Things do suffer reversals and Sahm Adrangi is there waiting to invest in just that type of opportunity. He not only shorts, he made his name shorting, and through this process he was able to uncover fraudulent Chinese firms, a difficult task indeed. A company that is a thinly traded shell will expose itself as fraudulent, but just like short-shopping, most people are not looking to figure out if a company is a sham. Sahm Adrangi is just this type of person that sees things from a different perspective.

Sahm Adrangi is used to being a guy people look to for advice, and he has prepared himself to be the guy that delivers that advice, and good advice at that. Educated at Yale, he also worked at a distressed debt hedge fund before Kerrisdale. The only thing more exciting than buying and selling distressed debt is a hedge fund full of it. Mutual funds and stocks are relatively safe for all investors to buy themselves, but the derivative and distressed products, in addition to shorts and options, should really be left to professionals and Sahm Adrangi likely got the equivalent of his PhD doing this.

Mr. Adrangi has separated himself from the pack. His received his degree in Economics from Yale and he took that degree and has made the very most of it. With a firm understanding of the nuts and bolts of finances, he headed to Wall Street to make good on that fantastic degree from arguably one of the country’s best schools, and that he did.

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