Robert Ivy of AIA Joins The List Of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

The 2018 Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award has been conferred to Robert Ivy, the head cheerleader of the American Institute of Architects. Presented by the Institute of Arts and Letters, Mississippi, this is the first time the Polk Award is being conferred to an architect. The award usually honors extraordinary artists in addition to art patrons whose works go beyond lifetime creating, performing or supporting arts. Past honorees of the award include the famous actor Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson and writer Eudora Welty.

Background data

When highlighting major contributors to the development of architecture as a career, nobody beats Robert Ivy. He has made the career more accessible to masses. As a writer as well as an author and commentator on matters of architecture worldwide, Robert Ivy has created a name for himself on the walls of the industry, and now he has the right to claim this position through the acclaimed award.

Leadership Roles

From 2011 when he was appointed as the chief executive officer, Ivy dedicated his time and effort to working with business associates in implementing constructive community projects that will improve people’s lives. Being a native of Mississippi, he has used his tenure to better the community in many ways including improving the healthcare system through encouraging community development.

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Receiving the Award

While receiving the award on behalf of AIA, Robert Ivy said that it was a positive reflection of his contribution to professionalism; not only on a personal but also public health. As the ambassador of this profession, Ivy advocates for the better treatment of architects and the provision of resources.

Work Experience

Robert Ivy was initially the chief editor of McGraw Hill. Under his guidance, the Architectural Record was labeled one of the prominent and most disseminated architectural journals worldwide. More than that, it garnered many awards encompassing the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Moreover, Ivy was the head cheerleader of McGraw Hill’s design as well as construction. He led the company throughout its explosive development in China’s economy. At that moment, the company introduced a prominent version of the Architectural Record.

The Overview on Achievement

Moreover, his authoritative architectural biography called Fay Jones which was documented in 2001 is now in the third edition. In this book, Ivy’s architectural expertise is exuded as a devotee who worked under the supervision of one Frank Lloyd Wright. Currently, Fay Jones is one of the highest standards of scholarships.

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