Rocketship Education, Showing Gratitude

At Rocketship Education, Gratitude is more than a word. Gratitude is a big decision that the students, teachers, and staff members choose to show each and everyday when they come into the building. Rocketship Education has many core values that has been created to help students have a better learning environment and to help students have better attitudes and personalities as well. The school allowed the parents of the students choose the fifth core value that they wanted to be permanently added to the school’s atmosphere, and gratitude is the newest one. To show gratitude, the students of the school all drew a picture or wrote a nice poem about how they show gratitude and about how grateful they are. Many of the stuff members, teachers, and parents were very proud to see the students work and how much they were grateful for.

Breathtaking moments like this always take place at Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education has been around since 2004. Rocketship Education is a unique charter school that has set out to be different from other schools since the first day that they opened. Even though Rocketship Educational is opened to the public, the school is geared toward serving children who come from less fortunate situations and lower income statuses. The reason for this is because Rocketship Education is trying to break stereotypes that have been placed on children who come from lower income families.

So far, Rocketship has been doing a great job with the students, the neighborhoods that they service, with their staff members, and with the parents of the children as well. Rocketship Education is very different from other schools. They know education starts at home for children. For example, children start learning at home before they come to school in their informative years. Since learning starts at home, Rocketship Education helps their students out with their at home lives to make sure the learning environment at school goes very well. Rocketship Education has been known to give students a reliable transportation to school, buy food, and other survival things as well. They are a phenomenal school!

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