Securus Technologies for protection solutions

Technology is the best investment tool in assisting in law enforcement and correction agencies in solving crimes and social vices in a particular society. Securus Technologies Company serves as one of the leading technologies company in the world. It is a prison based technology company located in Dallas, Texas. It provides a technology that is used in protecting people. They extended their highly demanded services to various organizations, correction agencies and individual customers who want to be secure and protected.


Presently, Securus Technologies focuses on criminal and civil justice technology, solving, preventing and provision of solutions to crimes and any other form of social problem. Securus Technologies has earned the reputation for its commitment to the provision of emergency response services, offering public information, investigation, monitoring services, and biometric analysis to the North Americans. The company has a well-equipped national calling center which is managed and controlled by a team of trained technicians who works to the interest of the firm. Securus Technologies has grown into a large enterprise with investment in technologies, patents and also the acquisition of resources.


Securus Technologies launched another facility which helps in preventing illegal network access early this year.The Wireless Containment Solution prevents the connection between the contraband cell phones and mobile networks. The service assists in collection and identification of contraband cell phones and in-returns it provides actionable information for the correctional agencies to respond to the matter efficiently in handling the law breakers. The system has been in use to control the contraband cell phones.


Securus Technologies has received several approvals in various Department of Corrections Facilities. Securus has over 1,000 employees and has contracted with almost 2,600 correctional facilities. It is one of the businesses that offered communication services to inmates through the telephone in the United States. They have worked handily with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender Technology.


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