Six Tips To Preventing Cyber Attacks Like William Saito Does

Ransomware is still huge problem today for many companies and organizations. This cyber attack holds user data hostage in an attempt to get some sort of ransom out of it. The trend surrounding ransomware is steadily growing like never before. It is essential that executives communicate effectively with the people that are directly preventing these cyber attacks. Here are six things a cybersecurity staff can do to prevent attacks both technically and on a personal level.

  1. Keep the victim’s interest in mind. It can be stressful for a person who has just been comprised. Don’t worsen the problem by making a victim feel at fault.
  1. Don’t disconnect from the internet because of the possibility of a cyber attack. Being connected to the advanced network services on the internet can actually benefit a company. Having the most links possible and keeping the system online will put a tougher barrier in front of the attacker.
  1. Use the latest software technology. The cloud and other secure networks are more reliable than the outdated servers that cyber attackers comprise regularily.
  1. When a problem arises, communicate throughout the organization. A room full of minds will always get the job done better than only one person assigned to the issue.
  1. Run audits and test the cybersecurity system. Implementing this too frequently can make users hesitant to open files, so do it in proper intervals. Don’t think its over because of one cyber attack. Even if someone attacks your system successfully, they still have much to do to get to whatever else they are after.

Somebody to emulate is William Saito. He is a Japanese-American cybersecurity expert and formerly served as a political and stategic advisor to Japan. Saito developed an interest in technology at the young age of ten. Also, when he was in college, he started his own software firm that ended up being instrumental in the Japanese software space.

One of the most authentically developed tools by William Saito was his fingerprint recognition system that was in collaboration with Sony. Working with Sony ultimately propelled him into the biometric software sphere and his efforts landed him the 1997 Ernst and Young award for Entrepreneur of the year for his innovation that paved the way for advancing biometric software.

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