Steven P. Murray: Remembered Fondly By CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, or Steve as friends and relatives knew him, was a successful investor with a heart for philanthropy. Born in the 1960s, Murray went off to Boston College in 1984 to get a degree in economics for his bachelors. Murray then moved to Columbia Business School to get his masters in business administration. It was during his time in school that Murray also joined the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. When he graduated with his masters, Murray moved to the financial unit of Manufacturers Hanover and stayed with the company for the duration of his career.

Murray was dedicated to education and helping those who were in their final days. He was avidly involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Metro New York and he served on the board of both Boston College and Columbia business school. He was also a donor to the Stamford Museum and the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank.

CCMP is what Manufacturers Hanover Corporation eventually merged into and it is a global private equity firm was was run by Steven Murray until his passing. The firm works in chemicals and energy, health care, industrial and consumer and retail. Within consumer and retail, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital works with Volotea, Aramark, The Nowaco Group. Cabela’s, Shoes For Crews, Crosstown Traders and Quizno’s Sub, among others. Within the industrial sector, CCMP works with The Hillman Group, Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services, SITECO, Chromalox, SafetyKleen Europe and the Edwards Group. Within the chemicals and energy sector, CCMP has partnered with Vetco International, Bill Barrett Corporation, PQ Corporation, Chaparral Energy, Noble Environment Power and Eco Services. Within the Heath care sector, the firm works with Warner Chilcott, CareMore Medical Enterprises, National Surgical Care, LHP Hospital Group and MedQuest Associates.

CCMP has been mentioned in the NY Post news on a fairly regular basis. When the firm named Robert Toth as its new Managing Director, they made headlines. They were mentioned when they acquired Shoes For Crews. The equity firm was also mentioned when Stuart Jenkins was named Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Executive Officer and President of Shoes For Crews.

One of the aspects of CCMP that Steven Murray played a big role in was making sure that management was brought in from every company that they worked with. The changes and improvements that CCMP wanted to make to companies to make them more profitable, all needed to be agreed upon by the company’s management.

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    Murray did this in order to ensure that there was partnership and teamwork and that from every side of the deal, all individuals were happy with both the process of the deal and the end result. I have to make them write my paper for me and also to make sure all these things would work very well for me.

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