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Paul Mampilly Says Artificial Intelligence Will Optimize Our Future

Last year, investor and stock analyst, Paul Mampilly spotlighted artificial intelligence and how various industrial sectors are using it. More importantly, Mampilly says investors should be paying attention to AI stocks, which are going to be explosive. In a previously posted article on affiliate dork, he notes that the value of AI in various industries tops about $1.2 trillion, and expected to rise to nearly $3.9 trillion by 2022.

Following The AI Revolution

Paul Mampilly says Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of the future. At Banyan Hill’s Total Wealth Symposium, he really pulled back the curtain to give everyone a view of how AI is moving forward.

We’ve reached a turning point and AI is becoming a real tool to improve business and the performance of companies. Thanks to a greater computing power and the availability of a much larger amount of information than in the past, there are several sectors in which the applications of Artificial Intelligence are bringing a Revolution.

The manufacturing industry, health, banking services and retail are realizing an optimization of productivity, the prediction and resolution of problems, even before they occur, and the automation of a series of interactions with customers. All reasons to invest in AI quickly.

The Fordham Business School Graduate and Banyan Hill editor is well-known for managing Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund, turning it into a $25 billion dollar behemoth, and being named a “world’s best” by Barron’s. Undoubtedly, Paul Mampilly correctly foresees many of the coming market events.

Establishing a solid reputation on Wall Street, and at leading firms like Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Asset Management, and Agora Financial, his legacy is strong. As a trusted source of information, Paul Mampilly says AI is considered the technology of the future.

Stock Recommendations By Mampilly

Companies like Nvidia, Baidu and Xilinx, were several that Mampilly named as contenders that are putting Artificial Intelligence in the forefront. In numbers, the potential growth is in the trillions, and Mampilly says AI will revolutionize these industries.

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