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Fortress Investment Group Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Firm

The investment industry is ever growing, with more companies and individuals looking to become a part of it and make good money in the long term, or possibly the short term as well. Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest investment companies in the United States today and they are specialists in alternative investments for their thousands of clients around the globe today. Fortress Investment Group was first launched in 1998 by three financial experts, Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens. The three of these men had a goal of being financially independent and they came together to pool the necessary funds and start an investment company. Fortress Investment was started as a private investment company in New York at the start, but over time it transitioned to a public investment company with the help of various other industry experts.

The financial industry is vast and the money that flows through financial corporations like Fortress Investment is enormous. Fortress Investment Group alone works with thousands of investors all over the world and through all of their employees as well as executives, the company manages more than 41 billion dollars worth of assets. Executive management at Fortress Investment has done extremely well, not just in the execution of Fortress Investment policy, but in the own personal bank accounts. All of the original founders of the company have become billionaires for the investment into Fortress, including the companies appointed CEO today, Peter Briger. Peter was brought in to help the company back in 2002 and he has certainly done his job in increasing the yearly projection at Fortress. More importantly, Peter helped Fortress Investment Group become a public company, which is where they really took off and started spreading around the country. In 2017, Fortress Investment became a subsidiary for SoftBank Group, after selling for more than 3 billion dollars. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

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