The Mighty Fortress Church Provides Invitation to Fellowship

The Mighty Fortress Church is an environment where more people are getting connected with the teachings of God as this ministry reaches out. Easter is certainly a time where there is a celebration with more people reaching out 2 to church members.

At the Mighty Fortress Church there is a huge Easter celebration where the congregation comes together to perform in different ways as they celebrate and tell about the crucifixion of Christ. Visit to know more.

The Mighty Fortress Church is giving members and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the children’s ministry as they perform along with The Bishop’s choir. These performances will highlight the great amount of pain that Jesus went through with the crucifixion, but it also celebrates the resurrection of Christ as well.

This is a very important time for ministries like the Mighty Fortress Church because this is when many people may become curious about getting saved if they know nothing about the resurrection. Many family members will invite their closest friends to come out and celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

People that get the opportunity to hear about this risen savior are often amazed by all of the work that the Mighty Fortress Church puts into depicting the resurrection of Christ.

The Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis invites people that live in this area to enjoy refreshments in a environment where they get to fellowship with other church members. Refreshments are provided before and after church, and kids also get the chance to enjoy an Easter egg hunt.


This is definitely a time where more people become aware of what they can do to help their children learn more about Christ as well. There are games to be played and special prizes to be won. All of these things play a significant part in the Christian walk.

Fellowshipping with others that are already part of the Mighty Fortress Church can be a good thing for those that are totally oblivious to the teachings of Christ. Most people never get into reading the bible in depth on their own without knowing about the resurrection first. This is the gateway to becoming more knowledgeable about God. This is why the Easter celebration at the Mighty Fortress Church as such a big deal. It is a great chance to highlight exactly what it means to build a better relationship with God as you seek answers about the resurrection and the celebration of Easter. Watch this video on Youtube.

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