TMS Health Solutions, the Gamechanger is Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is one of the touchiest topics in the modern medical world. The perspectives of this debates range from treating those with psychiatric conditions as well as changing the public about these conditions. Some of the myths that are associated with mental health are a perception that it is a rare health conditions, and a that a significant portion of the modern world can access medical assistance. Fortunately, TMS health solutions as an organization are redefining these sad facts. The organization brings a new dimension of dealing with conditions that affect at least one in every US citizens with a lot of compassion and still maintaining effectiveness. It is new and a revolutionary way to treat mental conditions without side effects.

TMS health Solutions uses TMS technology, which in full means Transcranial magnetic stimulation. There is the use of magnetic fields to bring back stimulation of the brain. When mental illness strikes, the brain nerves are the one that is most affected. There are other ways to deal with the brain nerves. Mostly they are invasive and have side effects, but this technology by TMS health solutions has zero side effects. Furthermore, TMS Therapy is done while the patient is still alert and awake.
One of the most common mental disorder is clinical depression. It is a different type of depression, and it is more severe if left untreated. Traditionally, these clinical depression patients were given anti depression medication. However, there is significant number of people who do not respond to this type of drug or if they do, they end up having significant side effects. This reason brings in need of TMS therapy to deal with clinical depression. There is no nausea, sexual dysfunction, or fatigue when TMS therapy is used in a clinical depression patient. Currently, the over four million Americans resistant to traditional drugs can now be treated for this medical condition without getting worried about the weight issue that comes from anti-depressants drugs. Furthermore, it is a quick procedure, which is more specific to the part of the brain that is affected by the condition.
Since it is a new approach to mental health, it has attracted many good reviews from the psychiatrists. It is worth mentioning that it is FDA-cleared. This approval means TMS is non-harmful to humans and it is non-invasive. With over six clinics in Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco, the TMS is ready to take mental health devotion to a new level with plans to expand to more than 20 clinics across Northern California.

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