Top Industry Inmate Communication Provider Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is dedicated to the highest level of customer service excellency that has caused them to receive the prestigious BBB Accreditation. They ensure that customers will have 24/7 customer service when they need it. Their IT professionals ensure that you get results to your dispute resolutions or concerns. Securus started out as a leading inmate network provider offering surveillance, monitoring, and telecommunications security. Their interactive technology solutions will guarantee that customers talk more and spend less. The rising cost of inmate calling has restricted thousands of families from staying in contact with their loved ones in a correctional facility.


How Securus Technologies Became The Leading Professionals


Securus Technologies was adamant about listening to their customers and providing services that will help them save. In fact, they offer promotional offers for their first time customers. Their services are chosen 10 to 1 over their competitors and competing companies like Global Tel-Link. They also received certification 1 that has allowed them to expand their services internationally. They believe that a combined effort will allow them to expand and improve their services. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.


Securus Technologies Available Features


Video Chat


You can talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility face-to-face. Eliminate the need to locate an authorized agent or ever having to leave home. Their video chat feature is available through Vimeo for one flat fee. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account.


Inmate Voicemail


Leave an inmate a voicemail message about important information. Their legal counsel can help prepare an inmate for a case or a loved one can give them important details concerning their loved ones.


Join the trusted Securus Technologies family today.

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