WHITNEY WOLFE-Dating app where gorgeous take the wheel

Whitney Wolfe is the chief Executive and founder of Bumble where women possess the power to be the beginners of a conversation.its so much fun in a woman has to first be interested in man first make move.The app which was launched eight months ago now has got 500,000 users who spends an hours and minutes in the app.Whitney Wolfe,27,gives a chance to women to have an experience of the other side of life.Nudity is allowed and at last every woman gets to know the both sides of life.Some women have been brought up in very strict religions and therefore lack knowledge on so many important things pertaining nudity.

many digital landmines have come up as a result of trying to find love.dating apps are currently being used by more than 91 million people in the world.a lot of the dating apps unpleasant especially to women and thanks to Whitney Wolfe for Bumble.The Bumble BFF has finally given women power to be the gatekeepers to starting conversations and men are only invited by the ladies.Wolfe, 25,lives with her partly with her Tycoon boyfriend at Texas. For more info about us: http://time.com/3851583/bumble-whitney-wolfe/ click here.

Bumble is so easy and friendly to use.In Bumble,once a match is made only the woman can strike the first conversation.Wolfe has made dating much enjoyable in this era nowonder its a favorite of many. Wolfe empowered women unlike in other apps where men are abusive.

Wolfe has hugely encouraged equality.For a long time a man has been the one expected to start up the first conversation and a woman has to wait until a man starts up a conversation.this has been too much pressure on both parties.Wolfe is the first to be true to women.today,woman are busy in their jobs,education and have no time to go out and physically socialize with men.with Bumble,they only have to sit with a laptop and love is found.Bumble is an app to only give women a hookup.what a woman decides to after hooking up with the man is really up to her.

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